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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Angel @ December 2016

2nd- Well, Happy birthday to me! Just a normal day, but spent the night with boyfie at karaoke! The 2 of us downed a whole cake!

3rd - Watching Kimi No Nawa and check out this kakoi Taki! Went with Mori, so we met up with his friends there~ These people make me feel so banana! I know I can communicate in Mandarin, but standing there in the middle of their conversation feels like some next level stuff!

At night, went home to celebrate my birthday with my family and friends! It was an emotional night, but it was all filled with love! Thank you to everyone for your lovely wishes! I couldn't ask for anything more~

4th - Now that I'm a "big girl" (21) I've decided to do something I've never done (never been able to do) before! Shooting something that means a lot to me, doing this for myself and big thanks to Sahil for letting me be selfish with this shoot!

9th - Watching Death Note tonight with Bae and Bryan. We had pork ball noodles for dinner~ Once again, I was banana-lized when the 2 of them were speaking. I couldn't even understand 50% of their conversation. (Smiles and cries internally) Saw this big ass Elsa and had to take a picture with her! Not the cutest thing ever, but Elsa is still my bae!

10th - Kimi No Nawa shoot with one of my fav photographers!

11th - Dating with Mori. Even here, we still bump into CF related stuff! Went all the way to Kinokuniya to not find the novel he wanted... But we had sushi at the end of the day~

12th - Another date with Mori! We spent the entire day plaster painting! Perfectionist mode, ON! I painted a kitty and he painted a house~ We went to the extent of buying takoyaki sticks at DAISO so that we could carve and refine the lines on the plaster!

13th - Went to 1 Utama with mummy and Avery to get Pablo!! Also messed around with makeup editing apps a lot today...

14th - Fixing my wig today and went Christmas shopping! My baby's gonna be so fat after this!!!

16th - One day before CF! Went over to the venue to prep and yes, I'm totally addicted to SNOW!

17th & 18th - My full CF story on my page HERE!!

19th - Modelling for dolldelight alongside Azu and Arisa Chow! All the model's names start with 'A'!

23rd - Totally lifeless at home, so I went live and did this random makeup up! And I had more spare time to spare, so I edited the hell out of this picture!

24th - It's Christmas Eve and my God brother is getting married! This is a day of feels! We got a little louder at the end of the night~ Hehe! Maybe you can guess why?

25th - MERRY CHRSITMAS! I'll save the lovey-dovey stuff to myself!

26th - LPFC Post mortem and live stream to read feedbacks!

30th - One day, two faces. Went out with my sister to Times Square, then did an Elsa inspired look at night! Mori brought pizza over too!

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