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Saturday, 20 July 2013

20th July 2013 - Karaoke with Alice, Carmen and Venessa

Time to go out again It feels like I've been going out every  lately  This time we're heading to    specifically      

 Singers' Profile 


 Instagram  alicechooi

 Instagram  carmen_hor

 Instagram  venessa_10_

We're arranged from youngest to oldest 
 The head gets bigger in each photo too

       Karaoke  RedBox
       Purikura  MollyFantasy

 I was supposed  was hoping to recover from my fever, cold, sore throat  ulcer before today The fever and sore throat is completely gone,  the cold and ulcer is a bit better  but there's to deal with now  Don't careimage I'm still going  

       Each room is now limited to  mics
       I almost slip and fall 
       My voice is strained image As predicted

image We didn't get to take any photos together other cause of the time image the food there was left unfinished as well  Other than that  we had a great time singing together 

  style today


 Angel Blue 14.0mm Lens
 Brown X Bronze X Gold Eyeshadow
 Brown Round Cat Eye Eyeliner
 Voluminous X Flare Out Cross Type Falsies
 Mascara X Natural Style Pointy Lower Lashes 
 Soft looking Brown Brows
 Pink X Red Cheeks
 Orange X Pink Nude Lips


 Mix Curled
 Half Tied Up
 Added Lace Accessory


 The photo says it all image Just look 

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