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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Angel @ November 2014


I went off with my mom today to Citta Mall. Sasa's having a warehouse sale there and she wanted to meet up with her friend who works at Citta Mall. I was a bit too late for the sale. Most of the cosmetics were sold out but I got my hands on some skin care products instead!



Happy Birthday Allysa! We went off celebrating Allysa's birthday at Manhattan Fish Market in Subang Parade.



I went to Paradigm mall with Ru to have dinner. We settled in at Watami and the food was awesome! Though the slice Salmon sushi was so big that it looked like a slug. Then, I started freaking out for 2 minutes before I could eat it. Luckily, there was no screaming nor shouting from our table (from me).



I went to hang out with my girlfriend, Sanny at IOI Mall today! Ru was invited too and our dress code was pink. I threw on my pink wig and I was once again an alien in Malaysia, but I'm a fierce looking alien! I liked my look today a lot, so I took loads of Purikura today!



My little sister is graduating today! We went to her graduation ceremony in her school, SJK(C) Ladang Harcroft. She finished her days in Primary school and moving on to Secondary school next year. For now, here she is taking a picture with the tree she planted in her school.

I was going out later that night so I Barbied up myself! Ru and I went to Sunway Pyramid for dinner at Bentoya.



I'm going to go grab heels at Zerra Culture today! I was fortunate to came in 3rd place. I had 2 minutes to grab as many shoes as I could. Click HERE to check out my day and here's my look for today!



Guess who made the Dean's List? 



Went to IOI City Mall today with my family. There are so many restaurants! And although I'm terrified of it, I'd like to take on District 21 anytime! Here's my look of the day!



Went to Parkamaya with Ru today, We did some shopping and had lunch. Then, I switched looks in the evening to celebrate my grandpa's birthday at Ah Tuan Yee's.



I'm going out to celebrate our 11th month anniversary at IOI Mall today. We had dinner and Purikura.



I had a photoshoot today! Check out my day HERE.

Thank you for stopping by! Soon you soon!

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