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Monday, 30 September 2013

Angel @ September 2013

It's finally   Not sure why, but having the first day of the month on a image makes me feel happy  Anyways After work today, I shot for the necklace give by  when I got home  It's given to me by the shop owner of Jðcelle•妝の物語ღ  You can contact 筱薰樱 for more info on the necklace 

 After work today, I rushed back home changed to   special events today  but I'm shooting this for another product It's from the same shop owner Sadly, I have no idea where these photos are going image Well, at least I had fun doing this look   I also did a tutorial on my Decora look Stay tuned for the tutorial

Why I did what I've done Because I was bored  I had no idea what I was doing at first  decided to spread blue eyeshadow all over my face Photo on the left Then I decided to add spots and make the picture black and white Photo in the middle  called the look Dalmatian  While I was editing the photos the third photo happened  I liked it image

School field trip todayimage We went to the National Museum  Lake Garden If you're in middle school or high school  Going to the museum might help your History 


The plan for today was to follow  to Empire Shopping Gallery then head over to Petaling streets once she's done with her work  That's why I put on makeup  Sadly, the plan failed  we went to Petaling street the day after instead  the shop we wanted to go to was closed  so we went back the after  At least I got some selfies out of it 

It's a holiday but  I was working today  So the photo on the left here was the day's look Went with something simple  I took a few selfies but they didn't turn out that great image Anyways I saved a few snaps  edited themimage

The original photo is the one on the top right corner


I was working at a kids' playland  the kids lose things all the time image Mostly hair clips or accessories   so I put on my every piece that there wasimage  time If you're wondering where I was working I was at Kizsports & Gym  Bangsar Village II


Carmen is staying over for  days  I made a separate blog post about the things I did during her stay image  You can check out the blog post image HERE image Here's some pics

    came over to my house to try out some bridal hair styles  There's a whole story about this so I'm putting it in another blog post image

So this was my   I can't believe I made it through a month without taking any   Wait, what Anyways,  once again so much for stopping by See you again soon  image I hope image 

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