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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Purikura: Meet Up with Sara ( Plus Alice )

Second Meet with Sara

This is the second time that I'm meeting up with  We met up this time to discuss about  of course The only difference is Deco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms English joined us this time  so it was the image of us

We decided to meet up at Mid Valley Megamall this time  Alice  I reached the mall super early because it would be near impossible if we went in the afternoon

We reached there earlier than planned so we had   McDonald's When Alice  I left, I got a message from Sara

 She's got a flat tire and she'll be late. image 

Eventually image We went to Molly Fantasy where we met up with Sara image We then later went to Manmaru Homemade Udon for food image But more importantly, discussionimage The Udon was super image


After the  on Purikura  We had some Purikura  Molly Fantasy with                It's my first time ever trying out Mero Mero 2 I've always wanted to try it but I never got the chance to do so image Sara told me during the last meet up that image Mero Mero 2 was available  Metro Prima image I have no idea where that is  no one would take me there  So I've been day dreaming about Mero Mero 2 since  

Mero Mero 2 was awesomeimage It's like a bigger version of Akogare Baby 3  Available  AEON Big, Mid Valley Megamall I really loved its frames  lighting I'm probably going to write a review on this baby image After  rounds with Mero Mero 2 image We took a round of Purikura with Bijyo Cosme 3

Say image to Sara's camera When we were inside of Bijyo Cosme 3  We came across some LOVELY Vandalism It was names of couples in hearts image I was so upset about the imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage happening to Purikura everywhere in Malaysia that I did a rant on it

image So after  rounds of Purikura  We said  to Sara  went our separate waysimage


If you're curious of PuriPix, click image HERE image

Malaysia's Print Club image KAWAII PIX image


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