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Thursday, 29 January 2015

29th January 2015 - Beautiful Africa (Watoto Children's Choir) with Junny and Priscilla


How Did We Get Here?

As I was representing CATCH Club at our booth for all 3 days, since the 27th. Ru went with me in the morning on the first day. He helped me pin up the entire board and set up the booth. What would I do without him? On the second day, Junny spend her morning with me at the booth.

Then Cindy joined us at the booth and we had lunch together along with a few more babes at Sushi Kind in Summit. 

Did I just say babes? Sounds weird but anyways, we agreed to go catch Watoto Children's Choir the day after (Which is today)

Concert Day

Junny waited for my class to finish, only then we could take off to SEGi Univerity in Kota Damansara. I was the one driving. Junny brought along Priscilla, a new friend of mine. They were having dinner at Sushi King while I was having my class, so Junny got some sushi for me too! Then concert was supposed to start at 7.00pm, but we reached half an hour later. Yet, the show hasn't started. 


The concert took off a little while after our wefies. 

Here are the children and women of Watoto!

The concert was amazing. It was full of energy, they sounded fantastics, their dance moves were out of this world and they event got the audience to sing and dance with them. It made me cry my falsies off when I hear they're story, but it made me feel very happy for them that Watoto has built brighter futures for all these people. The concert was magic and it is something that I definitely won't ever forget.

I put my falsies back on at the end of the show and got to takes a few snaps with the Watoto children.

You should've seen him dance. It was breath taking.

The youngest of them all. She's only 6 but her dancing and singing are on par as the rest of the choir.

And this little lady was at the counters where they sold Watoto merchandises, African crafts and jewelry and also the counter for sponsorship and donations.
That's all we did at the concert, but we went out to check out the pool and took more photos!


When all that was over, I sent them home and I "passed out" on my bed when I got home.
Till the next time, bye!


Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Photo Shoot: Harajuku with John Shum, Barry Ong and Teik Ow

Just last month, I had a shoot with John Shum with 5 different looks. Today, I'm his model for a group photo shoot at his studio, Studio Primo at Plaza Mont Kiara. Today's shoot was divided into 2 sessions, outdoor and indoor. We had a total of 4 Harajuku looks which features Pop-kei, Decora and Fairy-kei!












Boey Tuck Sai



Studio Primo is opened for rental and John offers basic photography lessons for beginners too!
If you're interested, you can contact John through FaceBook!

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