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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Angel @ February 2015

1 - Say bye to this hair!

7 - Makeup tutorials coming soon!

10 - and "Hello!" to this!

14 - Valentine's Day!!

15 - Alice is out and we're going shopping for CNY clothes at Times Square!

16 - Hanging out with my girls tonight! It's been months...

That's all for February because I'm gonna continue everything else in a CNY post!
Thanks for stopping by!
See you soon!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Photo Shoot: Qi Pao, Blue Decora & Cool Decora with John Shum, Teik Ow


It's another photoshoot at John's studio. This time is still going to be Decora and a bit of CNY in it. There aren't a lot of photos to show this time because I do not have the contacts of 2 of the photographers. 




Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Photo Shoot: Harajuku with John Shum, Barry Ong and Teik Ow

Just last month, I had a shoot with John Shum with 5 different looks. Today, I'm his model for a group photo shoot at his studio, Studio Primo at Plaza Mont Kiara. Today's shoot was divided into 2 sessions, outdoor and indoor. We had a total of 4 Harajuku looks which features Pop-kei, Decora and Fairy-kei!












Boey Tuck Sai



Studio Primo is opened for rental and John offers basic photography lessons for beginners too!
If you're interested, you can contact John through FaceBook!

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