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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Angel's Graduation Day

The things that could happen in a day... image
Especially after today case... image
I'm graduating!! LOL!! image

Majlis Restu Calon SPM 2012

This is just a post where i'm gonna talk about my day~ image My last normal day of school! image After this, the only thing i'll do when i'm in school is taking the most important exam of my life, SPM! image Which is only four days away from now~ image

I woke up earlier than usual today, since it's special... image When I got to school I found NONE of my friends there! image I was sitting and waiting and waiting.. *Super Forever Alone* image But then, luckily almost all of them came! image The only ones who weren't there were Carmen and Bear Bear *His nickname ~ LOL* image

When I saw Yan Mei coming our way this morning, I waved to her image but the Puan Rajesh grabbed me by my armpit image and told us we had to move to the other side of the canteen cause there was a prefect's meeting going on... image I'd normally freak out but I was too shocked to feel ticklish...image So so shocked..image

After that, all the Form 5 students were gathered to the hall image To.... Um... Receive our teachers' blessings? imageBut of course, there was the traditional speech giving.. Sigh~ imageIt was so boring in there that Yan Mei, Chee Yan and I went to the toilet for a long long time~ imageJing Xuan visited us, sorta.. LOL. image Then Wendy and Sook Yin joined us~! Yay!!! image

Outside the toilet~
First photo~ Some of us weren't ready for the shot
Second photo~ Success! *Sook Yin was hiding herself *
Views of the school from where we were standing~

We weren't gonna stand by the toilet all day image so we went back to the hall~ imageThe classes were lining up to get the teacher's blessings~ image It was kinda epic for me... image Puan Rajesh, the discipline teacher HUGGED me! image So did Puan Zaini which was kinda weird  imagecause I never did her Add Maths homework back when I was taking the subject image *Dropped it!* image Then Puan Raiha said that the first thing she thinks about when she sees me is EYELASHES! image LOL~ But they were all cool! In a way~ image

Then we had a break for recces~ image Charmaine and I had a walk around the school that time...  imageWe went to my class then her class~ image

View from the stair case
My class~
Photo of us taken in her class~

We went back down stairs to stare at juniors image and accidentally met up with Jing Xuan and Kah Yi! image Together, we're HARAJUKU ROCKERS! We used to sing together, but not professionally, just for fun~ image We broke up cause I switched streams and class... image Oh well~ Anyways, Camwhored in the toilet! LOL image

Kah Yi, Charmaine, Jing Xuan and ME! HARAJUKU ROCKERS, unite!
Photos with juniors~ LOL
Wen Xin~ Mark~ Ng May & Jia Ying~ Ai Lyne~ Jowin

*RING!* Had to go arrange the tables for SPM~ image But The girls and I went to class later then most Form 5s~ image So we camwhored and camwhored and camwhored! image

The girls in our gang~
Chee Yan~ Qing Yu~ Yan Mei~
Group Photo!
The guys in our gang~
Patrick~ Billy~ Alvan~ Kevin~ Kenny~
My classmates! ~ Some of them~
Shiqin~ Farra~ Tasha~ Hidayah~ Satya~ Dayan~
Girlfriends from other classes~
Selina~ An Ni~ An Li~ Simran~ Jing Xuan~ Bunny!~
Boyfriends from other classes~
Kin Seng~ Chee Seong~ Ah Boy~ Yong Seng~ Isqandar~ 
Random photos in class~

Pics of other friends caught on camera! image

Qing Yu~ Jing Xuan~ Billy~ Kevin~ Chee Yan~ Alvan~ Yan Mei~

Things got weirder and weirder~!!! image

My "Yao Ming" face~ Mega loved by Wai Kean
Having a Titanic moment with my wife, Yan Mei
and a Random idea from Chee Yan~ LOL!!!
I died LOL over Yan Mei's gangster face~
Me on Yan Mei, Yan Mei on Qing Yu~
Um.... Just epic? LOL me on the florr~
We weren't really kissing!! Just the angle~
Our "XD" faces! *I LOVE IT!*

Is he gonna eat me??!~
Just LOLs to this one!~
Raping Wai Kean!! LOL!

 My own camwhore photos~~ image

Photo of the day~

I wanted to take more photos but...  my phone ran out of battery..image Meep! imageAnd when school was over, as in when most people went home, it started to rain like hell! image I was stranded with Michelle Aw.. image Thoughts of the world ending was stuck in my head... image Like the storm in New York recently... image But then I got home without dying.. LOL... image

And when I got back home, I got tagged in a video that Wai Kean made of the class~ imageSweet! image I thought that he was kidding when he said he wanted to make a video~ image 80% of the photos in there of my face are just... retarded! LOL image

Hair Colour Chalk!

Like I said in one of my previous posts before, I sell stuff online~ image So later on today, my cousin came over later on today and she had good news! image Arrival of the long awaited hair colour chalk and camera pendrive! image Without further ado.... 

These four boxes are gonna sent off to their new owners soon!
The hair colour chalks with flash~
The hair colour chalks under natural sunlight~

Other colours~

Camera pendrive~~!

My cousin even gave me the VIOLET & LIGHT BLUE piece to try out~ image I guess i'll make a post on that in the future! image 


If you'd like to order anyhting or check out other items, you can send me a message through my Facebook accountimage

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