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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Angel at Barnabe Bear Garten Presentation and Graduation Day 2013


 and welcome back to my blog image 

As this is my very first blog post related to      I'll have to make a short intro so you guys will know what's going on 

For the entire year of  I had been working as a kindergarten teacher  Barnabe Bear Garten  And this blog post is going to be on  of the most important days for the school  Our Presentation and Graduation Day


Getting ready

Since today was a super special day  I woke up extra early to make sure I had  to get myself done I woke up   to do my makeup  I pre-curled my hair a day before just to save time I never looked more like a  today

Our plan was to leave the house    with Teacher Santhi She was coming over to our place  we left for the venue together  We’ll meet up with Teacher Anne when we get there

This year’s Presentation  Graduation Day was held  KizSports & Gym  The perfect paradise for kids   The event kick started    but we  the teachers  had to be there by  When we went up to the venue, the first thing we saw was our    on the ground We spent the night before this event here too  setting up the place The hardest part was putting up the backdrop because we had to start from scratch  Everyone helped put it back up  we had it back up on the wall in about  minutes We had some extra time in our hands so we had  nearby image


It begins

The kids arrived  by   we showed them where to stand for their dance as soon as they arrived Then  they would    in the playland image And while all of this was going down  Alice took some photos of the place 

The Back Drop

Photos for the Gallery

Photos for the Gallery

Photos for the Gallery

Photos for the Gallery

The Trophies
We were so glad that everyone made it in time  we managed to have the event start on time  
We started off by having Naviin  Ya Wen presenting their speech to introduce the opening performance They did so well at that  And the Bean Bag Rock went perfect 

After their amazing performance  It was time for the Award Presentation Each  every child received an award that they rightfully deserved  based on their wonderful achievements  school The awards were all named after brilliant  from mammals to insects We took a group photo with the kids shortly after they've all received their awards image  This is probably the  group photos throughout the entire year image

Then the next segment of the event was the   ceremony image They kids changed to their graduation robes  received their scrolls We only have  kids graduating this year   teachers in the school  excluding the principal   Our graduates were also the representatives to hand out the token of appreciation to the teachers  

Now for the fun part      Uncle Syed was there to help instruct  guide the kids during this session He was a great help  Almost everybody had a turn at the pinata  All except Isaac  He’s shy  Even with the teachers’ help  we still couldn't manage to knock the sweets out so it was time to call upon the s for help Navindrran’s Dad came to the rescue And the sweets got out of the pinata in the end  Here’s how the pinata looked before it got destroyed

The front and back
The event was pretty much over at this point Everybody had their refreshments  the kids ran off to the playland In the meantime  The teachers were either chatting or eating along with the parents image We got all our stuff down from the walls  cleaned up the place by noon  KizSports is very busy with their birthday parties  Then we left the venue And that was how the event ended 

Me with Alice, Ming Ming ( Ex teacher ) and a piece of nugget.

Today’s look

 Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate 15.0mm
 Brown X Pink Eyeshadow
 Round-eye Eyeliner
 Cat-eye Wing
 Natural Dolly type Falsies + Mascara & Curled ( Top Lashes )
 Mascara X Half Cross type Falsies ( Bottom Lashes )
 Rosey Coloured Blush
 Glossy Lip


Thanks for stopping by to my blog once again 
Hope to see you guys soon 


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