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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Angel @ February 2015

1 - Say bye to this hair!

7 - Makeup tutorials coming soon!

10 - and "Hello!" to this!

14 - Valentine's Day!!

15 - Alice is out and we're going shopping for CNY clothes at Times Square!

16 - Hanging out with my girls tonight! It's been months...

That's all for February because I'm gonna continue everything else in a CNY post!
Thanks for stopping by!
See you soon!

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Photo Shoot: Chinese New Year with KLPJ Photography Club

Getting Ready

This is my 2nd time having a photoshoot in this dress. It's my grandmother's wedding dress too. I used to be able to fit into it when I was in high school, but now I can't. So my grandma altered it for me and called me fat. Which makes me think that she's super malnourished, because I know that I'm malnourished as well. I'm a fussy eater.

Shooting Day

We're heading to Semenyih today. I woke up at 4 in the morning to get my hair and makeup done. It didn't take as long as I thought. Then I waited for Ru with my breakfast. I had the pleasure of watching cartoons and eating my breakfast, but I couldn't finish it. It tasted weird.

I went there with Ru, my personal driver, assistant and boyfriend. We reached early and he had a short nap, after a very tiring night, while I pasted my nails on. We walked around the temple and back to the car again. No one was there yet. It's not that they're late, it's just that we're early.

Eiran Cikgu Low
Some Cheongs



Leng Chen Peng









Kean Heng
Kean Heng Photography
Lunar Blossoms~~

Tango Lee
GGC House of Crazy Photogs
CNY Kambing




Kevin Tey Ahkit
GGC House of Crazy Photogs
CNY Kambing
CNY Kambing Year



Steven Lee
Stevenys Photography


Kelvin Richardson Lim II
Kelvin Richardson Photography - A Photo Could Bring Back Your Memory

Rico Lee Wei-Jie
CNY 2015



Vannez Tai



Behind The Scenes

This is my 2nd outdoor shoot with KLPJ Photography Club and my 1st time shooting with another model, Merrie. We didn't have much photos taken together but we had a few wefies at the end of the shoot. Along the shoot, we had a few shots taken of us getting our photos taken. Does that make sense?

There were many BTS photos but this is my favourite. My mom laughed at it!


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