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Hey there! We are Angel and Moe Tails~  WELCOME to our blog about our daily lives!


's intro:
I'm a self-taught makeup artist and I am a Malaysian Gyaru.
I've been Gyaru since August 2010
Because of Gyaru, I have started learning to dress myself better ever since.
From time to time, I do simple to crazy makeup looks too~
*I prefer to stay different and be myself for me*
I love anything that sparkles, unique prints and patterns, cute animals and vintage stuff~
 What I hope is for a world with no more stereotypes and 
filled with people who will just be themselves and do what they love.


  ' intro:

I am Angel's desires come true.
Angel does a lot of crazy looks but it mostly only happens in her room.
Moe Tails happens when the craziness comes out of the house.
Biggest inspirations? Gyarus, Dolls, Japanese Fashion, Animals, Pastel colours etc
My goal is to be who I am. Although I rarely come out of my shell,
I hope I can inspire others to be who they are and help them reach for their dreams!

You are now in my world.
This blog is about the things I do everyday!
I post coords, makeup and hair photos in my diary here.
*Once in a while, I'll post tutorials too!*
Stay tuned and stay happy

I am Angel, born second December 1995 in Malaysia,
female, a student, a cat, a doll, Chinese.... What else?
Oh! I am your hostess while you're here.
Other than being a gyaru / doll / makeup addict
I also draw, sing,  like to mess with photoshop and blog! ♫
In my past, I danced and was also a cheerleading.
What's so special about me?
I'll leave this for you to find out!

My dislikes? Fakers, Roleplayers,  K-Pop, boring things that are easily found everywhere.


Once upon  a time, I had a diary.
Well, I had more than one.
I would only write for the first week
Then never again touch it till a year later...
Which was when I'd open a new book.
I wanted to write a diary again so instead of a book,
I chose to blog it!
My life's an open book, so I don't mind sharing my stories~

I used to be on FaceBook... A lot
I've been posting pictures of me in makeup almost everyday there.
Sometimes, I'd get requests to do some tutorials of it.
And so I did picture tutorials instead!
Some are on my FaceBook page but i'm redoing more detailed versions here!
Other than makeup, I would share whatever knowledge I have that I find interesting!

My life
Makeup tutorials
My makeup albums A.K.A. Photos
Whatever I want to~


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