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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Angel at Bon Odori 2013

What's Bon Odori



 Get ready while Carmen and Vanessa comes over 
 Reach the stadium early
 Find my friends
 Meet up with Ru
image Watch Fireworks 
 Go home


th  also happens to be Avery  My youngest sister  's school's Sports Day I wasn't there at her school for the whole morning, only went to pick her up  As for the hours before going to her school, I got ready for Bon Odori super early I had on horrible makeup because of the black eyeshadow fall outs  nearly pulled my hair off image But I left for her anyways  It was so crowded there image I spotted her from afar but she didn't see me  I had to go imageimageimageimage her  the dozens of tiny children that had the same shirt image I found her, eventually, and reached home by 

I fixed my makeup later on  that was when Carmen  Venessa came over for Alice  My younger sister  We hung out and got ready together  I couldn't decide on my look The makeup was fine but I couldn't decide on my hair  I was curling it halfway, image then decided to straighten it back  tie it into twin tails  Once again image I had nothing to wearimage image    image but I had it through, I mean  I wasn't gonna go naked . It's illegal to do thatimage In the end, I got myself done in time image on top of that, I looked 

We left the house at  and got there when the gates were opened  We got Bon Odori fans while walking our way in  We were already early but there were so many people there Avery followed Alice  her friends, then I hunted for mine I was pretty concerned cause there  was  reception there last year   Luckily, found them early  An d not long after, I met   A really sweet Facebook friend who I wanted to meet for a long long time We said  and went our separate ways So we got some food, sat down  talked    
Holding this year's fan!! Jacky's on my head

Some time later, I tried to find Ru image It was about image It was flooded with people  So to make things easier for us to find each other, I had Jacky on my head  While I had him between my tails  some people said that he was  or just  and some even asked to take photos  I was asked to take photos for about  times that night  Anyways, Ru was pretty easy to find cause  he was the only one with HIS hair I left my friends for a bit  eventually found him image It wasn't easy  The reception was dead that time I got treated to Sushi, a drink and some really weird ice cream  Sushi  a drink  

Later on, I went back to the group image Went for more food, stared at cute mascots  talked  I didn't dance cause none of them wanted to  I didn't wanna risk getting lost again  At  Bon Odori ended with a   image The fireworks were so gorgeous they made me cry I didn't get it recorded but here's a video It's a FaceBook video from my friend, you can only watch it if you're a image Friends of Friends image 

Last but not least 

A group photo 
We took a few bad shots before this one  we were rushing it cause my  and  were already waiting for us at the gate So it was finally the sad time to say  to my loco people 

The night didn't end till the girls leave image we cam whored with Vanessa's camera till they had to go  We have            

Inspired by  my baby tiger 
 Luna King Black Lens
 Blue X Brown X Gold Eyeshadow
 Round Eye style X Cat Eye style Eyeliner
 Round Eye style Cross Type Falsies
 Natural Dolly lower lashes

I wanted that  feel 
 Twin Tails
 Added Lace accessories to each tail

 Black X White X Brown X Pink
 Black and White for the Top and Shoes
 Brown on the Skirt
 Pink accessories for COLOURimage

More snaps here image GAL~ Chapter 124 ( Kawaii Tora ) image



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