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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

How to: Style - Decora

It's time for a  tutorial There are  parts in this tutorial 
   Makeup              Accessories
   Hair                       BONUS SURPRISE!
Let's Begin!

Part 1 Makeup

Start off with a foundation-ready face and pop your lens in! 
image Primer  Liquid Foundation  Concealer  Powder image

Step 1, 2 and 3.


 Just showing you the before photo.
 Fill in your brows with you're preferred colour.
 Soften your brows with a spooly, especially the head of the brows.

image   Follow your theme colour but if the theme is colourful, go wild!image

1 and 2


 Eye opened.
 Eye closed.

Refer to the map here 
The colours used are
   Light Blue          
   Gold Sparkles


 Apply pink eyeshadow all the way up to your crease line.
 Apply blue eyeshadow above the crease line.
 Blend the pink and blue with purple.
 Apply gold sparkles at the inner corners all the way up to your brow bone and at the
        center of your lids.
 Blend the blue and gold sparkles at the brow bone with light blue eyeshadow.

image   If you don't like the colours used here, feel free to use any colour of your choice!image

Step 1, 2 and 3.
STEP 3  Eyeliner

 Tight line your eyes with a black pencil eyeliner.
 Draw a thick line above your lash line with a liquid eyeliner.
Photo of the closed eye.

image   Black is bold and stands out the best for this look! image


Top - Step 1 and 2
Bottom - Step 3 and 4

  Place an eyelid tape to create a higher
 Closed eye view. you can see that the
        sticker is very obvious.
 Apply pink eyeshadow on the sticker to
        hide it and add eyelid or eyelash glue
        to the ends of the sticker.
 This is how it will look like when the
        glue is dried.

image   Use semi'circle oval shaped eyelid stickers to get a kawaii round eye effect! image
image   Use glue that is white and turns transparent when it's dried! image


STEP 5  Wing

 Extend your eyeliner outward and downward. By doing so, you are enlarging your eyes
        and making it appear rounder.

Open and closed eye after extending the eyeliner.

Step 1
STEP 6  Eyelashes

 Prep your falsies. Add the demi lashes to the ends of the
        second pair.
 Apply glue to your D.I.Y. falsies and stick the falsies to the
        top of your eyeliner line; Away from the lash line.
Apply glue to the lower fake lashes and place them under
       the lower lash line as shown in the middle picture below.
 Connect the inner corners to the falsies with the same
        black liquid eyeliner as earlier.

image    Draw a small line downward at inner corners of the eyes to make them rounder. image

Step 2, 3 and 4.
Top - Opened eye
Bottom - Closed eye

STEP 7  Face

Photo  Highlight
                  Recommended a shimmery gold champagne colour, get a highlighter with a pearl
                  shine instead of one that has huge flakes of glitter.
Photo  Contour
                  Use a matte brown colour for contouring. When you're contouring, you're basically
                  enhancing the shadows on your face and shadows aren't shiny.
Photo  Blush
                  Use a rose pink blush on the red dotted areas and a soft pink blush for the pink dotted
                  areas. Be sure to blend it well and focus on the apples of your cheeks!

image    REMEMBER TO BLEND!!! image

STEP 8  Decorate

This is the best  my favourite part of the whole tutorial Have fun  


I put rhinestones on my lips. The key here is finding a lipstick colour that matches the rhinestones!


I've added some studs, a star and a tear-shaped rhinestone on each of my eyes. You can go crazier if you'd like too!


I found this rose in my collection so I added it on my neck. I've drawn on some veins with a turquoise coloured eyeliner and added tiny green pearls along them. This step is optional of course.


 Add rhinestones on your arms and legs.
 Used your eyeliner to draw on shapes and
      patterns on your skin or face.
 Decorate your nails too!

Final Look!

Part 2 Hair

 Put on a wig of any choice. This step is optional.
 Add hair clips all over your bangs.
 Braid a few parts of your hair and secure them with cute hair clips.
 Add some more hair accessories on the other side.

image   A colourful wig would be awesome! image

You can check out Tokyo Fashion's video It  features Haruka Kurebayashi

Part 3 Accessories

Go wild  have fun with this For what I did, I just threw on almost everything 

image   You can choose your accessories by theme like Animals, or Pastel E.T.C image

Part 4 The Surprise: Inspiration!
I do not own any of the photos below They're all from Tokyo Fashion's website  You can click on the photos below to check out their posts  get more details on their coords 

So that's all for this postimage  so much for coming by image Stay tuned for other tutorials 

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