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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Photo Shoot: Nymph with Sahil

I finally did a photoshoot with Sahil from Limelight Fotography! We met at Comic Fiesta 2013 when I was in my Pink Decora. He took a few pictures of me and gave me his name card. Ever since then, we've met up in several ACG events where he took more photos of me.

This shoot was something I've been planning to do for quite some time. I'm glad I finally did it. It's funny that it turned out to be more Gypsy looking than fairy! Though, I wish I had more colours and butterflies...




I took some selfies today too!

Here are some shot from earlier ACG events!

Thanks for stopping by! See you soon!

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Angel @ September 2014

image GAL~ Chapter 161 ( Innocent Doll ) image

Since last image was a public holiday image The following A.K.A today is also a public holiday The second I woke up today I went straight to doing my makeup Then I went and asked if we could go to and she because I want to see myself on a pillar

So if you happen to drive or walk by Bukit Bintang image You'll find me both the pillars at Fahrenheit 88 


2nd September

Today is the last day of my second semester exams The girls I went for Eiffel tower steamboat Asia Cafe, Puchongimage There wasn't much to say about other than it being fun After Joy Ei followed me back to my house while waiting for her parents We were in my room then I took out a monopod, my antlers wigsimage

5th September

There's a Mid-Autmn festival celebration Ru's house today she's bringing me I took some selfies before heading downstairs

 This is where the party was held We spent half our time there queuing up for satay

The party was alright But we didn't have time to start burning stuff I didn't take a lot of food there So we went to McDonald's after the party for supper Yay more food I tried thier new soup corn And I like it image I had an epic idea of pouring all the corn into the soupimage Well, it's wasn't a good idea


6th September

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration This one is going to be my grandpa's houseimage My uncle made us spaghetti ordered pizza for while my other uncle brought chicken

The kids were playing with their lanterns  candles when they finished their food I was burning some candles too


7th September

We're having another Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration Tonight's is with Ru's family 8 Road Restaurant But before going to the restaurant  image We went to his house so that he can get changedimage 

After the awesome meal  image Our plan was to catch a movie Setia Walk We had some time before the movie starts so we hung out in his room even got to take photos of this really cool light thing


7th September

Today's the official Mid Autumn festival day image finally image Ru's coming over to my place We burnt candles all night long he left at in the morning


12th September

It's Joy Ei's birthday tomorrow I went out w my girlfriends to give her a little surprise

13th September

I went to Parkamaya with Ru today for the Mini Mina fashion show


15th September

Going out to karaoke with Ru today It's our first time singing with just the of us in a room I went out with a Minnie Mouse inspired coord I did Ru's makeup again today


16th September

Movie date


 19th September

I'm going out for a Decora photshoot at Sunway Pyramid today Here are some photos that Ru took with Velvet while the shoot was going on

image OTHER STYLES~ Chapter 92 ( Pastel Harajuku ) image


 21st September

Went for my 3rd Bon Odori festival today My sisters went too but I spent my time with Ru


 22nd September

Sahil sent me all the photos he took of me during this year Click image HERE image to see everything


27th September

I'm having a second photo shoot with Jen Min today I'm going as a Gyaru Doll Long story short click HERE to check out the shoot The shoot didn't take very long so Ru I went back to my place so I could mess his face up makeup turn him into a girl He has bigger eyes than me

 After Ru left I got ready for at my aunt's grandma's house Someone's turning 60


28th September

 says I look like Miyako Cai in my new profile picture today 

I'm flattered because she's really beautiful  she's an amazing Gyaru Though I think I've looked more Miyako in this other photo 


29th September

I cleaned  reorganized my makeup collection today too


 30th September

I received my pink wig today


That is all for  You can check out this month's hauls image HERE image

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