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Friday, 2 January 2015

Purikura: NEWS! MeHer Jyoshi 3 in Malaysia

MeHer Jyoshi 3

You haven't lived Purikura if you haven't tried MeHer Jyoshi 3! It's got more functions than the other Purikura machines you can't find here.

 Cool new interesting layout.
        The other Purikura displays the photos as a simple table. This one is stylish and it's a whole package itself!
 Longer legs?!
        I kept blinking my eyes when I saw how they turned out! Could it be a dream come true? My mom certainly sees that my legs got longer!
 Filters in Purikura
        Just like the frame selections, they have some with filters. The eyes may not turn out as dark as they normally would, but they're still big and bold!


Long Legs Effect



MeHer Jyoshi debuted at S.O.X. 2014 Fantasy Fest. Kawaii Pix brought a few of them to the event!

And now they're spreading them all across Malaysia!
Getting Puri-pumped up yet? Here are the locations

Midvalley Mega Mall
AEON Bukit Tinggi
Johor Bahru City Square
Ipoh Parade
Ipoh Station 18


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

My Birthday 2014

It's my th birthday and also the first day of exams I dressed up today even when I had work in the morning  I went straight to college after work image then only began studying  It's my way of learning memorizing image last minute
imageExams were fine and all  Afterwards  I was planning to have with my girls image but some of them couldn't make it  we were planning to postpone it to next image But anyways image we still went to Mandy's  Summit to hang out for a while I forgot to take selfies

I went home early  even had the time to dress myself up a bitimage I'm going    tonight

Ru brought me to Midvalley Mega Mall image Purikura Paradise image They have the most Purikura machines there  of course image my favourite MeroMero 2's there too

rose cameraAfter a round of Purikura image we had our   Manmaru Homemade Udon I image their Udon And while waiting, more selfies

Round  of today's celebration After dinner  we got a cake  then went home to cut it my family image I was very tired  pooped out by then but, yay CAKE

I went to bed after that image A few days later image my lovely girlfriends threw a surprise birthday party for me   girls so much
 for stopping by my blogimage 


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