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Friday, 14 February 2014

Angel's First Valentines' Day


This is the first time in my  year old life image I'm not going to spend image alone If you follow my blog or just follow me on  You might have already guessed that it's    Ru  is just what I call him I think he has about a dozen other names  

Before having a image to celebrate this special day with image I was celebrating 's birthday with my family for the past  years which also means my entire life 


Just because it's Valentine's day image it doesn't mean that I don't have to work today We made something special for todayimage Valentine cards 

I was at the kinddie the entire morning until  I was planning to leave earlier than that image but we had some problems that delayed my plans   I don't like to be late or the reason that plans are delayedimage

imageI flew home today  I was driving  but it was fast I think  That's why I said flew I got home by  and started to get ready

I was ready   was stuck in every moment because image I didn't plan on what to wear yesterday I started off doing my makeup image like how I normally do image  surprisingly went with a clean  look image Our theme Deco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms English dress code for today was  pink  black  It sounds easy but it never is  I looked in my wardrobe  there was that image I got nothing to wear image  feeling But just like any other time image I put something together but this time image I looked  Even Carmen thought so 

 I forgot to mention that  has her friends over to celebrate her birthday today   has Carmen  Yi Ying coming over for fun image She wanted to go with us to Mid Valley image I told her to ask Ru but she didn't so she's staying home 

imageBack to my prep image I was done by  because I didn't do anything special to my hair And a little while later image Ru came over and we left together

He told me that he's booked tickets for a movie at  so in my head the whole time I was thinking  image we're late  When I got in the car  he told me that the movie was actually starting at  Seriously life But never mind because  We weren't late image He got a bouquet of pink roses image  There was a kitty in it too  They're fake  I was glad that they were  I mean, cutting off flowers  watching them die makes me kind of sad  It feels like their beauty has gone to waste imageSome people say that fake flowers mean fake image image But I don't really care about that  Because I know he loves me  So screw that comment, I got flowers  a Valentineimage 

We spent less than an hour looking for parking image It's considered fast to me image It's insanely jammed up there all the time image Especially if it's a special day image Last Christmas image we spent more than  hour looking for a parking spot Parking ate up a lot of time image But it was fun 

After the parking madness image The st thing we did was retrieving the tickets  GSC Signature, The Gardens image It only took a short while image Then, we went looking around for a present for Avery at  I've already bought a present for her a week ago image We're looking for one because Ru wanted to get her something  Eventually, we found something imageimage We got her cups imageimage That sounded weird  But they were pretty cups image Or was it just a cup  imageimageimage


We still had time before the movie starts So after the present hunt image we just walked around  We got some cookies  magical water The water made me feel like Jack image From Jack and the Beanstalk image   It was plain mineral water  I knew it was going to cost a bit more than the price that we normally pay for water but  It costs  times more so  Photobucket I'm Jack image I'd better poop out gold  diamonds after this I mean image Jack got something in return, which was gold In our case image We got experience image

imageAfter the movie  We took Purikura with all the available machines there It's kind of the reason why we went to Mid Valley  Ru was planning to go to Sunway Pyramid But I was so Purikura high that he brought us here instead  So here are the Purikura for today image 

After having our Purikura photos taken  We had dinner  Kenny Rogers  And well, he took another photo of me with food  I seem to be doing something weird with my hands  every time he decides to take a photoimage This time image I was holding a straw in my hands  A very stubborn straw 

When  was over image We headed back to the nearest Purikura booth for selfies  I wanted to do that image He didn't  He just doesn't like taking pictures as much as I do  but he did it so yays for that

We went walking around for the fun of it  Ru wanted to get me something for image and he eventually did  It would be cool if it was a surprise but I got what I've always wanted for  years

When the shops were closing image It was about   we left for home Everyone was already in bed when I got home but they weren't asleep yet Thank God I didn't have my house keys with me 

Here are some photos of the cookies, magical water  the present 


imageAnd that's that for my first image
 for stopping by at my blog

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