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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Angel's First Wedding Dress

On , I had my hair done by a  for the     in my life  it was also my     in a  Wedding Dress    This blog post is going to be about my day  and of course the main point is the bride-ness in it 

             My Day             

Just like everyday  morning I wake up  go to work with  at the kinddie  Work was like usual then we like the kindergarten at   I was afraid of being late because the time I promised to meet  at  image Luckily, she's doing my hair  my house so I don't have to go to another venue 

Yume wasn't here yet when I got home image I still have time to get ready  I don't normally wear makeup to work so I had to rush my face  She called up just when I was about to finish my face  She said she was almost here but they Her boyfriend was drivingkinda got lost  But they weren't far away image So it only took them a while to reach my place from where they were lost  My bad for giving out bad instructions

Yume reached my place at  image We got the stuff she needed from the car then said  to her boyfriend  We headed up to my room while Carmen was there

The Excitement Starts NOW! 

The first thing we had to do was get me changed into the dress image It was so big  puffy image I like big  puffy things  The dress was a bit to big When I said to big I mean image It's slipping down image too big  Never mind that, Yume managed to solve it with some pins  

I got changed  sat down on a chair in front of a big fat mirror   Then Yume began to work her magic 

Can you find Yume?
It took about an hour over to do  hairstyle After she's done with that, the shot some photos  The part of the room where she did my hair was  so we had to move over to the bed It was still messy  but not as messy as the floor image As I was moving to the bed the dress was slowly slipping off  I had to hold it up  thank God it did not came right off 

After we're done with the first hair do  Yume changed my hair  did another look She was faster at the second do Afterwards, she took some photos that she needed  I camwhored with the camera  A little while later, she went back 


            Today's Look!            
Angel's Side

 EOS 323 Brown
 Bronze Eyeshadow all the way to the brow bone
 Gold Champagne shimmers on the inner corners
 Brown Extended Wing Eyeliner
 Black eyeliner ( Tight line )
 Luminous Change No.3
 Black Mascara
 Rose Pink Blush
 Peachy Orange Lipgloss
 Highlight as usual
 Contour as usual
 Straight shaped brows

Yume's Side

As mentioned before  Yume came over to experiment new styles on my hair  She also brought the wedding dress from their studio so I can wear it while she shoots  So without further ado, I give you  The hair  the dress image


 no full body shot of me in the beautiful dress 

             More Info            

Yume Hoshino A.K.A Dreamy Barbie, a  friend of mine.  She is a  
 Jewelry designer
 Bridal makeup artist
 Bridal hair stylist
 As I know, these are the things that she does

While she does the hair  makeup, her boyfriend David takes the photos I'll be sharing some of their work in this post  You can check out their page image HERE image for more info on bridal shoots image


This happened a few short moments after Yume left  I took more selfies  So this part of the post is just going to be photos of myself 

So that's all for this post 
image so much for your precious time

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