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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Angel's Days with Carmen


image Before you begin reading this post image here are some things you should know 


I could give you details about her all day but let's just skip to the main point image

Carmen is my schoolmate  Alice's classmate  They sit next to each other too But she goes way back than that  It turns out that she's our parents' high school friends' daughter  Say what All the way from      decades ago to      to the same class  I would've never known if Carmen's dad didn't recognize my  when he was picking Carmen up from out place So that's the special relationship between Carmen  us

What's this post about Carmen's staying with us for about a week  So this post is going to be about the things we've done during her  days long stayimage  image


Carmen came over at night time She brought Alice  I gifts too   

 Cosmetics from Revlon  Maybelline



It's a special day  Normally I would write a separate blog post about something like this image but nothing special happened  So I'm just gonna tell my story here

I was feeling bored at night so I decided to draw image I sketched a doll inspired by the moon  also did a comic script about Carmen  Some of you might not get what's going on . I think you have to know Carmen to get the point of it 


Carmen's Edit

I was very bored at home  So I did these edit for fun  The separate photos were made using image photo editing apps image from my phone  The collages were made using  Mei Tu Xiu Xiu 美图秀秀  

Angel's Edit


As a promise to Andy  Alice, Carmen  I would attend a Beautiful Millionaire Tour at INTI College, Subang  The event was hosted by VVIP Global which is a cosmetics brand from France  At the seminar, we were introduced to their Snail Mucus Collagen Gel Masks  also some of their perfumes image 

After the  hour long seminar We took a cab to Empire Shopping Gallery to meet up  with  She was still at work when we got there to we took some selfies Here are some of mine 

It was a really tiring afternnon  we reached home at about  Straight away, I removed my makeup  change my look cause I was going out at night to a barbecue  I had  hours left on my watch so I went with a simple look Guess what I had nothing to wear Does that not surprise you  I borrowed Carmen's shirt in the end   She was wearing my singlet  belt for the afternoon tooimage


 Hybrid Violet Lens 16mm
 Brown Eyeshadow
 Round eye X Cat Eyeliner
 Natural X Voluminous Falsies
 Mascara + Drawn on lashes
 Pink Blush
 Red Lips
 Sorry, all I know that the lens are Orange
 Pearl Pink X Brown Eyeshadow
 Blended Brown Round Eye Liner
 Pink Blush
 Slightly Tinted Red Lips

image  Here are a couple of collages from today image


image Carmen gave me a brown Mascara from Maybelline  Other than that, nothing much happened  Well tomorrow's gonna be  again so I'm gonna be at work most the time  they are gonna be at school most the time so  we didn't have any special bonding going on  Because of that, I'm gonna skip a couple of days image


You can see here in the first video that the imageimageimage is announcing Alice's arrival while Carmen was ironing her clothes  As for the second video  You can see that a satellite crashed onto Carmen while she was asleep 

The effects were made with using FxGuru: Movie FX Director  I wanted to make a cyborg blow me with a gun  but unfortunately, I'll have to  the effect



    came over to my house  There's a whole story about this so I'm putting it in another blog post image What about Carmen Here's a photo that she took of me  a photo that I took with her phone 


When I got home from work today, she was already home image I didn;t know till I asked Alice where Carmen was  Anyways,  Carmen   to you for stopping by

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