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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Angel's First - Photo Shoot ( with Lee Kheng San )


Never would've thought my  would let me do this, but she did  And she was pretty supportive of it too image I met Mr. Photographer on   I agreed on a photo shooting session if I was free  We agreed on a date where Ru was free to go with me  got all the props in  weeks

That Morning

I planned to wake up   in the morning  so I would have the time to start packing my things for the shoot image Then Ru would come at  then we'd begin our journey Unfortunately image I over slept Grandma came into my room  asked image Your boyfriend is your. You're still sleeping image And I was like image when I heard her Stupid alarmimage It went off but I didn't hear itimage Stupid meimage I managed to pack up everything in  minutes then I started freaking out in the car I was hoping that I had everything I needed with but image I left my falsies  home we U-turned back

I thought we were going to be late for sure I told Lee that we would reach by   And I kept thinking that we'd get lost finding the place  But that's cause we've never been there before  Surprisingly, not only did we reach there in time image but we also had time to get ourselves   Subway  have a walk afterwards image

It Begins!

Lee came  we went up to his studio with him  Lee was arranging some stuff int eh studio  Not sure what cause I'm not the pro  I started painting my face  literally started dumping white paint on my face  I even forgot to tie my hair before painting Ru had to hold my hair up  until Lee got a big fat bucket of water  for me to wash of the paint on my hands image so that I could tie my hair  Halfway painting myself white image Lee's family came to visit him  his son saw my half done, insanely ugly makeup  Ru fell asleep too  I reminded myself of Lady GaGa's Applause cover 

I wasn't even half done when Ru woke up  After the makeup  There was still the dress  the hair  the flowers to be done image I wasn't sure on how to arrange to cloth for the outfit / dress so we struggled a bit there We worked something out in the end Ru had to run to a convenient store for  times because I forgot to bring some stuff  He even helped with the flowers which was like Deco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms English trying to handle them I took a total of  hours to get myself dress  That's a new record

When I was settled image we began the shoot  There were a few background changes throughout the shoot  here are some photos of it 

It was almost image when the shoot was over We transformed be back to human  Lee had to put all the flowers back into place The white paint came off easily with water  Thank God  but I still need help from Ru in removing the paint on my back  Lee,  for messing up the cloth, the flowers, the furniture  everything else that I got paint on  also the scrapped of paint on the floor  They looked like eraser dust  

When we had almost everything back to normal image Lee treated us for   Tokyo Kitchen We talked about some modeling stuff  Cosplaying  he even mentioned Kick Starter  shared a lot of cool info with us   

The Photos

I got the time to take some photos under his cool lighting during the shoot  Lee sent me some photos that he took a few days later too image


Credits to Lee for taking the last image shots

From Lee

Now go get your image glasses 


 image We're not collaborating to have a collection where we take dozens of different styles of photos  putting them together image Although it would be freaking cool to do so image But what I meant by collection is that I went to collect my   his studio I'm going to collect it personally because it can't be bank-in into an account  So if you haven't figured it out yet image I'm not getting paid in cash 


Once again image Ru is going to meet Lee with me Only difference this time is that I'm driving so Willy is going with us tooimage  Willy is my car  Ru woke me up in the morning with a phone call  he came to my house a while later   Then we took Willy out

We got to the studio  saw the print It was beautiful and the print itself was a work of art image I would be more than happy to share a photo of it image but you can only see the holographic effect in real life We had a chat with Lee then left for  Lee gave me another  prints that were like posters He wanted to throw them away because he thought they were imperfectimage He was going to get rid of them if I didn't want them I thought it'd be a waste so I took themimage Extra  to Lee for them Ru took one home with him  I wonder where he'll keep it


Lee let me choose the theme  I chose Minoriimage I  her work  I think that's she just amazing  Fangirl-ing  She's been inspiring to me for quite some time now  I couldn't get Shironuri of my mind because of her Do I sound like some creepy person on the internet now  Because she's inspired me for the theme image I'd like to dedicate a portion of this post to share some of her work


Isn't she gorgeous I'm going just drop a few links here now 

That's it for all I want to share now Thank you  I'll see you soon

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