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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Photo Shoot: Gyaru Doll with Jen Min


Deciding on Dolly

I had a Decora shoot with Jen Min last week He's using the photos for his assignmentimage He wanted more photos so we came together for another photo shoot He wanted something more toned down so Ru suggested something dolly instead of Decora The theme's still Japanese fashion Just something different this roundimage

Shooting Day

Just like last time  image The shooting starts   It's going to be at Setia Walk this time Ru's going to be there throughout the whole shoot We had breakfast Subway before the shooting starts I took a few selfies there 

Unlike last time image We only took photos at locations One's a plain white background the other's a brick wall Once again image Ru's snapping pics with Velvet throughout the shoot

Photos from Velvet

These are the snaps taken by Ru while Jen Min was shooting

Photos from Jen Min



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