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Friday, 9 November 2012

Angel's SPM Break

In between my SPM exam~ I only have to attend the papers for a total of 8 days image but the duration of the whole exam was dragged to over a month! FML...  And during that months time, obviously I've got time to study or do whatever I may~ image The longest break that I'm having is 10 days~ image It's a Deepavali holiday so everyone gets this break! image Yay!!! It's for a week... image Before that week, we had no exam on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday before it so it makes it a total of 10 days~ Get it? LOL image

Boring, Normal  Day

I did almost nothing today besides eating and sleeping... image Super boring and super meaningless. image I wouldn't expect much though. image Since SPM isn't officially over yet, the chances of getting out of the house is still kinda low. image I spent the whole day at home, sick. image I caught a cold. ARGH! That explains why I was sleeping. image

As if staying at home the whole day isn't boring enough, image mom took Pinky to work! *Laptop*  image It's the only one my sisters and I could use... Sigh...  image101% Pure Boredom for sale! I'll trade you for some fun? image LOL. So we were stranded at home. image I wanted to play with makeup image but I ran out of eyelash glue... image Anyways, I decided to finish on a B.Doll that I started to draw yesterday, image which was also the fourth day of SPM~ image

I'd call her my best so far~!!
When I draw my dolls, I like to start with their eyes~
When I did this one, she reminded me of Sakurina!
So I did the rest of the drawing inspired by one of her photos!

I had a nap after my lunch and when I woke up, Pinky's home! image Best news of the day! image But my sister was on it so I had to wait my turn....image

While I was waiting, I had my dinner~ image Grandma was bugging me to clear up a stack of Form 3 books and stuff.. imageI was like "Um, dude, i've GRADUATED!!" image But she "insisted" that I clean it up, so I did... Look what i found! image GRANDMA BANZAI! image

Some cats that I used to drew~
Everything Pink~
Random heart shape with random words~
and my fav...
My Form 3 notes!

What I like most about my Form 3 notes is that they're decorated!image I used to make sure that I do the decorating before I pass them up! image Insane right? image I bet I used half of my time on the deco part~ LOL! image I loved doing it cause it made me happier in a way~ image My teachers thought they were cool too! image

After I snapped the photos of my previous work, it was finally my turn!! image Muahaha!! After finding out that my game bonus expired, image I had pretty much nothing to do except writing this blog post~ image and I thought i'd look at Gyaru photos~! image Mainly, Chika and Chie from Ageha magazine~ Wanna see them? image

Chika or Chie~
Chika or Chie~
Chika and Chie~
Chika and Chie~
Chika and Chie~
Chika and Chie~
Chika and Chie~
Some of their coordinates~
My favourite photo of the couple!~ Found this photo on Tumblr~

What I love most about them is their Purikura!! image

Gorgeous, aren't they? image I think i'm gonna make another blog post image on a Gyaru Purikura SPAM!! image It's a fact that Gyarus are sorta meant to be together with Purikura~ image LOL! *Just my personal thought* image

If you'd like to take photos like these, image you can get them easily at Purikura photo booths~!  imageThere are some available in AEON's MollyFantasy~ image Check them out! So far, I have came across CUBE 3 and Sweet Kitty & Cool Panther 3! image Personally, I like CUBE 3 more image but if you're taking photos with 3-4 people, use Sweet Kitty & Cool Panther imageso you guys don't have to fight over the Purikura~ image

Later that night, image my mom asked for my help to decide on a paint colour for the outside of her kindergarten image  Barnabe Bear Garten Perkasaimage which will reopen soon cause it's relocating~ *I smell a blog post coming up!* image LOL~ Anyways, we ended up choosing a sandy colour and this concludes my night! image

Dance Again Tonight!

Asmaradana again! image But it's gonna have to wait till night time~ image As for the morning, I went to the playground which is just opposite of my house image before going for breakfast and I took some photos of the place there since I never did before~ image A "开门见山" moment~  image

When I came back, I wrote this post up to here image cause my sister was singing off key in the same room to Hikari Furu by Kalafinaimage and that was my morning~ image

~ An hour later~

Okay... I was bored so I came back to writing this post~ image During my absence, I packed the stuff I needed for tonight's dance. image My aunt's gonna fetch me there image but before she sends me off to school, image i'm going to her house like two hours before going to school.... image So that's why i'm packing my stuff~ image So that I can do my hair and makeup there! image

Stuff i'm bringing a long~
  • Makeup bag 1
  • Makeup bag 2
  • Eyelash case 1
  • Eyelash case 2
  • BB Mouse
  • Foundation
  • My lens~ Bambi Grey
  • Hairspray
  • Hair ornaments
  • Comb

I hope I didn't forget anything! image I'd be screwed if I did! imageBut I did not~ Yay!!  image So, at my aunt's house, I only did my hair but makeup halfway~ image *Excluding Lashes* cause I ran out of eyelash glue! image

Nothing special bout the hair~ image Just a bun~ image An hour before we left her house, she landed me hers image but I only did my lower lashes image cause I though that Puan Anita might want us to wear the same lashes~ image And we're off to school~! image

Went to the Gym the first thing when I reached school~ image It's the only place I can go anyways...  image LOL~ When I got there,  they were all chatting in a small storage room further in the gym... image I could hear them from outside. image I went in and scared a few people cause they thought that I was a ghost! image LOL!!! So we went back out to wait for the others while we did our makeup and CAMWHORE!! LOL image

About 4.45p.m. Puan Anita came in the gym and said that we had to move~ image I was helping the girls with the makeup image and some were ironing clothes image and some were calling others to get their butts to school! image We were supposed to leave the school at 5 for Port Klang image but we left at 6... Late much? image When we got in the van, the first thing I did was, yes, camwhore. image Taking photos in a moving van don't turn out pretty most the time... image

As we got closer to the place, the sun was setting. image Everything was so beautiful. image In my head, I was like "You know what? Forget that i'm in the van. I'm still gonna take photos!" image So here they are~ image

Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached Tanjung Harapan! image I love it's name!~ image

Why are we here? To perform for Pusut Seni Setempat~ image The got a Karaoke contest going on,imagesell books, image cultural performances image  and even appearances from local artists too! image We, my school, had to perform four different dances. image I'm only in just one dance~ image

When we got there, we changed into our full attire and I finally got my upper eyelashes on! image

Lighting sucked...

Some random photos of the place~ image

View from outside the tent
From below the stage~
From below the stage~

During some last minute rehearsals, it started to drizzle! image We headed to the where the audience was and waited for our turn there since Puan Anita was there too~ image While were waiting, it was raining heavier and heavier... image Nothing could go on so we just waited. image Our pants were really long so they were soaked.. image *Meep!* image Eventually, the rain stopped! image So we danced~ image Afterwards, Simran, Nisa and I changed while the others waited for their turn to perform~ 3 more to go! image

Simran, me, me and me!
Having  a walk~ Nisa!
The ship behind the stage was not real~

After the performances were done, we headed home! image

With Simran~
Me... Looking weird~

We reached school about.... Almost midnight~ imageSleepy~ A while later, my mom came to fetch me and that's how my night ended~

Not Enough Sleep

When I was in the car with my mom, she asked if I was tired and I said no~ image *Why did I say no??!!* image Then she asked me to help her put up some banners for her new kindergarten, Barnabe Bear Garten. image When she said put up banners, image she meant that by stopping the car in the middle of the road to hang them up on poles or trees! image Luckily there were only 10 banners image but still, it took us almost an hour to finish~ image Afterwards, we headed for supper at a parking lot with stalls of food and drinks near my place~ image

The place~
My food!!

It was two something in the morning when I finally get sleep~ image The next day, we went out for breakfast at 9.30a.m image but it was fine with me cause I woke up at eight~ image LOL... We had breakfast at KK, Kuchai Lama. I had prawn noodles! image

Loads of stalls there!
Prawn Noodles~

After breakfast, we went to NSK~ image LOL... Like I had a choice? image At the seafood area, there was a ridiculously huge fish! image It's head is the size of a man's torso~ image

Le huge fish~

Then I went looking for purikura images on Google and Tumblr and found some interesting ones! image

Awesome hair!~
Super Junior's Purikura!~
Visual Kei~!!!
K-ON Cosplay Purikura!!

So I cleaned my study and uh... I found some stuff~ image

My pretty colourful notes when I was in Form 3~

Unfinished dolls~ I had a feeling that I drew more than what I had in my fail of drawings~ LOL

Most colourful B.Doll drawing on an art block~

Fan signs!

More fan signs!

Random drawings that I did this year~

Some stuff I had since last year~
My lyrics' collection book~ Haunting accounts homework~ Gemilang Scores~
Drawing I did when we pissed of Jing Xuan~ Harajuku Rockers!!!~

My drawing which looks like an 10-year-old's colouring page~

After cleaning up, I was tired and went to bed, my sweet dreamland~!! image

A day of Cleaning

Woke up to find that mom's taking Pinky with her again!! image I got downstairs for breakfast but went to have breakfast at Bukit Jalil instead~ image


Alice and Wei went out with my mom later~ image So I was at home, with my grandma, bored... image I had to do something! image FINISH CLEANING UP THE STUDY ROOM!!! image So I found more stuff~ LOL image

Some completed B.Dolls

More unfinished dolls~

Random Stuff from last year~
Harajuku Rockers~
My different looks~
Love "maths equation"~
Random names of songs~
Never before seen love letter? From someone I don't know... LOL~

"Family tree"~
My girls~
My stack of lyrics?~
Charmaine's book~

Certificate for only God knows what~
Well done stamp~ LOL
Finally found my list of Moral values!!~

Stuff for my "BM Lisan" test last year~
Some more colourful notes~

Piles and piles of junk in the room!!!

Finally done cleaning up!... and it was already 4.30pm~ image In my head, I was thinking that my mom would be back anytime soon image so I was waiting.... and waiting..... and.... zzzzz.... waiting till 7.30p.m.~ image My mom finally came back! image Then, I finished this post till here! image

Happy Deepavali~

It's Deepavali today and i'm free for the entire day~ image Didn't go anywhere in the morning so I bling-ed out my phone!! image

Before and After~

Circus themed image but it turned out to be something that reminds me of Bollywood~ imageNever mind, I still the glitzy-ness of it! image My mom said it looks like a corset design~ LOL... image It took a long time to do it's new cover, so I did my toe nails while I was waiting for it to dry~ image

They match my phone! LOL~

Later in the afternoon, we were supposed to go to our neighbours next door for lunch~image It was an Indian meal and I can't eat spicy food... image Sad~ I knew this would happen so I made lunch
for myself before we headed over imageand while I was cooking.... image I accidentally burnt off some of my hair on my hand!!  image

Left side, burned~
Right side, not burned~

Anyhow, we still went next door~ image I couldn't eat most the food there...image But the deserts there were awesome! image

We were planning to go to IOI after we had a break~ image But.... later in the evening, we got news that my granduncle just passed away... image We went to our grandfather's house to pick him up image then left for the funeral together... imageAfter the funeral, we had durian! image

So~ That's another day passed~~

Just a Wednesday

There's nothing much to do today~ image I stayed at home the whole morning image but finally finished my blog post on Purikura!! image

Later at night, my sisters, mom and I went to IOI imageto get more cold medicine and pens for me~ imagePlus, I finally bought eyelash glue! image Nothing special about it, just glue from Daiso~ image After we left IOI, we had supper at a mamak near my house~ image Finally after a long long time *a few days*, I camwhored!! LOL~ image

New Eye Candy

When I woke up this morning, I cleaned my bathroom and cleared out some lenses that have expired~ image R. I. P., my babies... image I don't throw them away, image instead I  would normally keep both lenses in one side of the lens case and store them all together~ image When I was looking for the box which I keep my expired ones in, I found this~!! image

Super Barbie Shinning Blue

I won this from a contest I entered in Facebook~ image It was a long time ago image so i'm not sure which page was holding the contest~ image

In the afternoon, I was really bored so I was playing with makeup~ LOL

As for the rest of my day, studying... image Boring right? image

At night, image my sisters and I helped my mom to do some cuttingimage for crafts for an upcoming event this Saturday at HUKM. image It's to celebrate World Pre-maturity Day~ image There are gonna be kids there and we're just gonna be there to help them out~ image

Nothing to do day~

Well, I wasted my whole morning doing nothing at all~image But in the after noon, I finished my blog post on my new phone cover! image It's a D.I.Y tutorial on how to get your phone cover like mine~ image

So yeah.... That's pretty much the only achievement for today~ image I can't wait for tomorrow! image We're gonna celebrate World Pre-maturity Day at HUKM! image So I gotta hit the hay earlier than usual tonight~ image


World Prematurity Day Malaysia 2012

So, today i'm gonna be helping out my mom at a World Prematurity Day image which is held at UKN Medical Centre~ image I'm not gonna say too much about this cause it's a really long story!! image

The event took up a day's time but we went out to dinner at night~ image For the first time ever in my life, I tried apple juice, with no ice~ image  this is what it looks like~ image

It tastes like normal apple juice but BEWARE OF THE FOAM!!! image It's super salty!!! image

Last Day of the 10

My final day to relax, not exactly but... image My final day of these ten days at least cause tomorrow,  image it's gonna be more exams... image Sigh~ I only got four subjects left but it just had to be dragged till early December... WHY??!! image

Anyways, I couldn't sleep well last night and I woke up with a "broken butt"~ image Ouch... I spent the morning doing nothing again~ image Wasted my afternoon~ image Waited for my mom to come back in the evening~ image Then finally went out that time! image

We went to our grandpa's place to visit him *You don't say*~ image He fell ill, that's why we went.  image Mom was very concerned about him. image I mean, he is over 80 after all~ image We stayed there a little while then went to McDonalds for dinner~ image

That's sort of it~ Oh, I also did this in the afternoon! image

Just played around with makeup~ image

So, that's my 10 days break during SPM~

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