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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Angel @ June 2013


Well, I made a flower It was meant for kids  I'll never grow up    Anyways, this was made during Kizsports Members' Day at Great Easter Mall  I was helping out with the Painting stuff 


 days later,  and I were back at G.E. Mall to teach     For today's lesson, we're gonna make a rocket The came out 


It's a  night  and there's always only one thing I look forward to on Thursday nights image Le NIGHT MARKETimage Specifically talking bout the one in   I love the food there And there are a lot of stalls which sells  accessories image Plus, this is the place I buy most of my lenses    

This is what I bought there       
 pairs of lens priced at  each
 pair of bottom lashes at 

 these are the new additions to the family  's gonna take good care of you  image Luna King Black  Puffy 3 Tones Blue image Their sizes are unknown   But it's in the range of 16.5mm to 17.5mm    Says the bottle


I got a package I was taking a nap when it arrived . Avery brought it to me upstairs while I was half a zombie When I saw the package itself, I turned into this   and I was literally like image my new babies image Here are some snaps of what came in 

I didn't buy them image I won them from in a FaceBook contest by entering with this photo image image image image image image image image image image image image image I came in second  won  pair of lens from their site  I was wearing Bambi Green here  From the same series of the ones I won 

GAL~ Chapter 122 ( Creepy Doll )

That evening, imageI was so excited about the lens that I well, did my makeup 

image Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown
image Matte Brown Eyeshadow X Gold Glitters
image Winged down Cat Liner
image Two and a Half pairs of Upper Lashes
imageimage Mascara + Drawn On Lower Lashes
image Light Brown Brows
image Soft Pink Cheeks
image Orange X Pink Lips


Gonna get my licence photo taken today  I wasn't sure if Gyaru was  , so I went for  makeup instead image Can you tell that i'm wearing falsies here

The original photo taken image
I edited it at home image


Photo with Avery

Later at night, I had a serious MOOD SWING image I needed chocolates image I wanted to wreck everything I was like 

There is always only  way to save myself, play around with   Make that  ways, chocolates  sleep can save me too  So that night, I did what I do best Besides day-dreaming That same night, my phone camera lagged I sucks but I could use 's phone image But her phone hates me  All the photos were image


I am so tired  So so tired I worked non stop at the kinddie today  I didn't even have time to check on my baby  At night  as in when I got back home  I helped my youngest sister to do this 

image We went out while I was halfway making the sign  The, I got myself some bubble tea image It's been a while since I've last had  of these suckers

Half done makeup 


Family  tonight Going for a more simple look so there will be  Gyaru today  Anyways, the dinner is to celebrate my little cousin's birthday 


 Grandpa and all the grand kids 

I wanted to go with falsies image But they went wrong  I left the glue at home  oops 


Played around with eyeliner  And that's it 


Drivers' Test today
I passed 


I kinda died tonight  I promised Simran that I would    for a surprised birthday party for Shiva, Allan  Melvin She's such a sweet heart  I also promised her to sing together  but it ended up as a solo . The craziest thing she made me do was made me memorise imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage steps within  hours before the event starts image I sang and danced  And as I predicted earlier, the Bollywood dance would be a fail image Prediction came true image and it was all recorded image At least I had funimage  Guess what I didn't take any photos that night But I managed to steal some photos from Tim image


I got another surprise in the mail today  It's from Dolly Wink There was a Dolly Wink Line up book, Note book  some of their products An eyebrow pencil  a white pencil eyeliner I can't wait to try them on 



 Lunch  Sakae Sushi
 Movie  Monsters Universtity
 Dinner  BBQ Plaza
 Just hang out with  image


 Luna King Black Lens
 Brown X Pink Eyeshadow
 Round Eye Liner - Black X Turquoise
 Glittery Cross Type Falsies
 Pointy Lower Lashes
 Soft Pink X Rose Pink Cheeks 
 Pink Gradient Coloured Lips

 Curled to dolly-ness 


I broke my nails when I was driving today 
 Ain't that a fun way to end the month

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