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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Angel's 30 Day Gyaru Meme @ Day 19 – Share your best tips

 Do the Eye Makeup before Face Makeup
      If there are any fall outs, you can just wipe them away. image If you do your face makeup later, you won't have black dust all over you face 

 Choose your Circle Lenses to Match your Look
      If you're going for a cute look, go for circle lenses with a black outer ring.   If you're going for a mature look, avoid circle lenses with black outer rings

 Fill in the Upper Water Line with Eyeliner
      It just looks nasty  disturbing when it's left white. This trick also makes your eyelashes  appear to be fuller 

 Use Upper Lashes as Lower Lashes
      You can cut them apart and use the shorter parts as lower lashes.  Sometimes the longer parts are too long. If you have full set lashes that are short, go ahead  use the whole thing

 Use a plaster as Double Eyelid Tape
      Remember, use a clear plaster Plus, it saves a lot of money  is also recommended in Gyaru magazines before

 Applying Foundation in Circular Motions
      Why Because it will reduce the appearance of pores Use moisturizer to help this method work better 

 Lipstick on Eyes and Cheeks
      Apply lipstick  on your eyes before applying eyeshadow can help the eyeshadow stay longer If you're gonna use it as a blusher, do it before applying powder

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