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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Angel's 30 Day Gyaru Meme @ Day 09 – Your wish list

I have an endless list of things I want 
But, I'm just gonna list out a few here 

 Dolly Wink 
From eyeshadows, to falsies, I want it all I love Tusbasa Masuwaka so much imageI couldn't find a photo with all the products, so I went with the ones I  most, falsies Check out their site HERE 

 The Whole Candy Doll Collection 
More love for Tsubasa  So far, I have  Candy Doll products in my collection  and from the reviews i've read, Candy Doll is the best  Check out their site HERE 

 Furry Tail Accessory 
It's pretty outdated but I still want one image Or two 

 Extreme Gyaru Nails 
I'm dying to have nails like these image I don't really know the right words to describe it Gyaru maybe, but I love them Most of the nails here are 's

 Hair Extensions 
I want more  in my hair Simple as that  

 An enormous Closet 
Kimora Lee Simmon's closet in particular  I fell in  with it when I was watching her show  So shiny 

Mainly double eyelids  I already have double eyelids naturally but I still make my crease higher every time I put on makeup  Plus, sometimes they don't turn out the way I want them to be image To save time  effort, SURGERY An I want BIGGER eyes too 

 Fair & Flawless Skin 
Well, I just want it I mean, who doesn't want flawless skin My skin is made up of  makeup   photoshop cause I don't have a perfect complexion  And what you see in photos is a LIE 

 Create my own Makeup Line 
I would  for a chance to do something like this Tsubasa, I image you

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