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Monday, 24 June 2013

Angel's 30 Day Gyaru Meme @ Day 24 – Are you a lifestyle gyaru?

Lifestyle Gyaru I had no idea what it meant  But I asked in a Gyaru group  found out what  it means image 
 Simona Santoro 
It means that gyaru is a part of your daily life.. 
You always dress gyaru even at school, at work etc... 
Sui Princess is a lifestyle gyaru for example 

My answer is 


I work as a kindergarten teacher and I want to be taken more seriously.
Super long finger nails are going to get me complained by some parents.
The kindergarten provides day care services too, so I have to stay there all day.
If I wanted to get a job as a promoter during the weekends, I can't in most jobs.
They don't allow light coloured hair.

 I do my best to find freelance jobs that I would enjoy doing.
Jobs that I can look how I want to aren't easy to find at all.
I've only got one job in my experience to dress Japanese fashion related.

My family members don't really mind, I think.
My grandma complains nothing at all about my Gyaru style.
My mom just wants us to be happy (Happiness is in my name)
My dad feels embarrassed when I dress in Gyaru to events.
My sister claims that she won't walk beside while we're shopping.
My youngest sister would sometimes say that it's "too much"
The problem starts here...
Whenever anything comes up that we have to see other family members,
They start talking about the way I dress, saying that it's all too much.
This is when it gets to my mom and I started dressing a but more simple.

I try not to let this bother me. I still dress up whenever we're going out.
I practice makeup, hair and nail art at home whenever I have time.
It's only when I have no that I will tone it down.

There are people I met online who supported me to do what I love.
There are people in reality that stares at me because I look different.
Those stares aren't always pleasant. I don't ever look back.
So I don't mind the stares, but my mom does.

I met a group of Gals in my area.
I've only went out on a Gal's meet with them once.
I felt at home with them, not because of Gyaru, but makeup.
A lot of Malaysians aren't open minded towards fashion.
A pair of falsies or an unexpected coord,
is more than enough to get heads turning.

Being who I am, being what I wanna be everyday, would be a dream come true.

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