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Friday, 7 June 2013

Angel's 30 Day Gyaru Meme @ Day 07 – Your favourite accessories that you own

 All of my Lens 

I can't live without them
We can wear them even without makeup image
Right now, I got  pairs which are still alive  
 Super Barbie Angel Brown 16mm
 Luxury Nudy Brown 17mm
 Fynale Classic Circle Brown 14.5mm
 Super Barbie Bambi Grey 16mm
 Super Barbie Hybrid Violet 16mm
 Geo Angel Green 14mm
 Super Barbie Crystal Green 16mm
 Kimchi Bambi Green 16mm
 Super Barbie Shining Blue 16mm
 Geo Angel Blue 14mm

 Diamond Bangle 

 Got her in BONITA
They're not real diamonds 
But I got this baby for only RM
The original price was about 
It goes well with just about any coordimage
The best part is
 The blings don't fall out 
I've had this for years now 
 So it has a lot of sentimental value

 The White Bow 

I like bows a lot cause 
They make me feel 
I wear her out a lot
It's the biggest bow I've got 
 I don't remember where I got her though
But I think it was from a night market 
I got some shinier image ones but
I'm just attached to this one image
 It was originally a rubber band
But it snapped so I made it into a hair clip image


These are my white fluffies 
I got them at Times Square 
I was shopping with Alice for CNY stuff 
 I like them but don't wear them often
I wore them only twice 
I think 
 says I look like a Chinese lion with them image
The ones you can see during lion dances

 Pearls & Chains Bracelets 

I got a few different colours of this 
 I also got them from BONITA
It's pretty fragile image
image So of them broke
Sometimes, the charms would also come off .
Maybe that's why it was super cheap
I got them during a  at the price of  for 
I can use them as a necklace when I put  of them together

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