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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Angel's 30 Day Gyaru Meme @ Day 02 - A picture of yourself with fifteen facts

image I am Chinese but  Thai - My great grandma is half Thai 
 I can't take not even the least spicy foods   I'll cry image
 My height is cm and weight kg 
 I eat a lot but don't gain weight  Haters gonna hate
 I can put my fist in my mouth  How did I find that out
 I started doing the    when I started being a Gyaru
 I sleep really early image About imageimage image  people think it's weird 
 I am a  baby image And I won't say I'm  till it's December
 Butterflies  frogs freak me out Also a lot of other stuffs 
 I learn makeup by watching  videos  tutorials 
 I got horrible memory image I  even can't remember my childhood 
 Watermelon is my favourite fruit and I image desserts 
 I would never describe myself as   EVER
 I wanna be a model imageMaybe a Gyaru model someday image
 Don't drink  Don't go clubbing  I'm a    


Misa Lee said...

Angeeeell! LOL finally had time to stalk your blog <3 I love your pic there! Haha I love watermelon too :3 You're so lucky you'll never gain weight no matter how many food you eat. Haha~ interesting facts :)


Honey Tan said...

I have a high metabolism as well! I can totally relate to number 11 sometimes I forget what I did yestersday lol

Honey Tan said...

I forgot to say you have a very cute blog !!

EverEvo Angel said...

Thanks girls ^^

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