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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Angel during Alice's Birthday 2014

It's Alice's birthday again  Last year  All we could do was take    mall because she had exams going on This year image We're doing the same thing because she has a bigger exam coming in   imageimageimage 

image image

 We went all the way to take Purikura with our favourite Purikura machines  Mid Valley Magemall's MollyFantasy MeroMero 2  Bijyo Cosme 3 are there image Carmen  Ru went too

Look what we found  

I wanted to take Purikura like that but  we didn't  

It's a bit better compared to last year  Because we got  rounds of birthday Purikura To top things off  image MeroMero 2's Puripix is finally working  

Last year on Alice's birthday image was the first time that we came across PuriPix in  too I guess it's the Purikura's way of sayingPhotobucket

After the Purikura sessions  We had a few rounds of Taiko before heading home for 



 Dolly Red Lens
 Red X Black Eyeshadow
 Round-eye Eyeliner
 Winded downwards + Cat Wing
 Waterline from Inner corners to the Iris Area
 Lower Eyeliner connected to the Wing
 Inwards X Downwards inner eye corners
 DAISO Lashes ( Upper Lashes )
 Cut-half DAISO Lashes ( Lower Lashes )
 Pink Blush
 Pink Lips


That sums up Alice's birthday on my sideimage
You can read her side of the story on her  

for visiting my blog again


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