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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Angel and Moe Tails at Animax Carnival 2014


Animax Carnival
Day 1


I woke up   today because I already knew what kind of makeup I wanted to do  I've done it before last  I'm having on Gyrau eye makeup  I can finish it off fast  Been Gyaru for image yearsimage  The only problem was that I didn't plan on what to wear 

I had  outfit changes before we left the house  Throughout making a mess in my room image Crystal, Carmen  Venessa had already came over  We're all leaving together as soon as Alice gets back from tuition then Ru's getting us there  I decided on my outfit by the time Alice got back  was also pretty much done with accessorizing  Alice got prepared in  minutes then Ru came image Off we go to Mid Valley Megamall



It was already noon  when we got to the convention centre image I was very very crowded  we were lost We didn't know how to do to get in But we found out how  it turned out that we had to wait for our turn to get in  So we took a number then had   Carl's Jr.  while we waited

Ru wasn't in the shot because he was somewhere else doing something else 
After  and touch ups image We got in to the event hall There was also a makeup exhibition  a health exhibition going on there  but we went straight into Animax Carrnivalimage

Everyone got a piece of paper that we need to get it stamped image for fun image there were altogether  different sets with  stamps We get redeem a free gift image once we've gotten all the stamps image but Angela was on stage when we got in Everyone was watching them  nobody could do anything else until their performance was over
We could watch them perform all over the carnival They set up screens all over the place We were too far  too short to watch them So we could only watch through the screens  Alice took some photos of their gallery too

Can you guess how many posters are there all together

When Angela's performance  QA time was overimage the stations for the stamps were opened again but it was about time we had to leave 

We stopped my the Makeup Fair right next door image We even got our eyelids fixedimage The booth was selling lace type eyelid makers image there was a lady there who did everyone's eyelids  Ru got me a box of the eyelid laces   Then image we left the makeup fair for Purikura

We only took Purikura with MeroMero 2  Bijyo Cosme 3 which both were in MollyFantasy They have Akogare Baby 3  AEON Big CUBE 003  Neko To Hyou 3  Sweet Kitty and Cool Panther 3  are  Galatic Laser

Drama Time
A while ago image I did a rant on Purikura vandalism image Specifically the one here on MeroMero 2  Bijyo Cosme3  I was bold with the rant  I even had their names  links in the rant I tagged them on  too They read  they weren't happy with it at all Instead of telling it to me face to face  They decided to do more vandalism How immature This time image with my name on it It said imageimageimage you Angel Bling  Angel Bling loves someone I never even met Seriously You can't see the vandalism on photos because someone tried to remove it image My guess is the staff of MollyFantasy or people from KAGA Amusement image

Enough of that nonsense nowimage So here are the Purikura that we took

MeroMero 2

Bijyo Cosme 3

Sadly, MeroMero's PuriPix photos are unavailable 

We spent quite some time  MollyFantasy as we waited for Crystal there  She went off with her clique halfway during the carnival  I had the time to camwhore in the Purikura machinesimage Who wouldn'timage It's killer lighting in there  I even had a round of Taiko with Aliceimage When Crystal came image We all went home  Ru

Carmen  Venessa came back to our place  waited for their parents to pick them up Ru dropped of Crystal somewhere near her house while we were on our way back So what we did back home was take more pictures  I transformed back to normal

I feel so powerless without my falsies!

More Selfies

Carmen Ru Crystal Venessa Alvan Jackie

image Super Angel Blue Lens 16.0mm
image Gold Eyeshadow
image Big Round-eye Eyeliner
image Winged Downwards
image Dolly Wink No. 1 + No. 2 + No.4 ( Upper Lashes )
image Dolly Wink No. 13 ( Bottom Lashes )
image Tiny Gold Glitters at the Inner eye corners, Eyelid and Brow bone
image Large White ( Rainbow ) Glitter flakes at Under eye area
image KPP inspired mouth

Last Halloween

Kyray Pamyu Pamyu

My New Twinnie

Thank Yous
Big fat hugs and kisses for everyone who tagged me on image  image




Animax Carnival
Day 2


Initially image I planned to wake up  but then the alarm went off  I left it on snooze I finally woke up at   got my roar on I had no idea what I was going to do for a lioness look So I was doing my makeup with a photo of an African Lion as reference I'm glad that it turned out pretty goodimage As for my outfitimage I just went with something black

Ru's not going to join us todayimage So I'm driving  Have you ever seen a lion drive I had to get some gas  the people  the gas station were like  What is thatimage  We left  before we reached MidValley image We got lost there for  minutes  Eventually image we got our butts back on track  reached our destination

imageWe reached MidValley earlier as compared to yesterday  there were way more people today We took our number just like yesterday then went for Purikura again But before that image Venessa helped Crystal  I to take photos with other Cosplayers


Mad Hatter
Iron Man
I have no idea but she has long legs LOL
Spot the tiger here! ( Not lion, tiger )

We got our numbers after a few snaps with other Cosplayers then went to MollyFantasy

Bijyo Cosme 3

MeroMero 2


After a couple rounds of Purikura image Venessa  I were separated from the others  And we were kinda lost too  Alice, Carmen  Crystal were already  Manmaru Homemade Udon 

At the Udon House 

My lunch!
Selfie with Carmen and Green Tea!

After  image We went back to the convention hall upstairs  The line was moving a lot more faster than yesterdayimage We could get in instantly when we reached After getting stamped on our hands  retrieving the stamp collection card image We drew on Animax' Graffiti wall

Now to stamp collecting At the first stop image We had to write our wish on a card Then it was Bleach's Corner We took a group photo in there  Crystal went off with her friends After that image It was Fairy Tail's There a huge cut out of an ice explosion so we took photos with that too

Bleach                                                                                           Fairy Tail

image down  more stations to go The last  stations were gamesimage There was a dart game, a shooting game  a traditional Japanese game with a hammer  I'm not sure what it's called Win or loseimage You'd still get a stamp It was funimage 

While we were collecting the stamps image The Cosplay competition was going on at the same time too We were watching them compete while we were in line for the stamps When we were done collecting all  stampsimage We stood by a screen  watched the rest of the participants There were a couple of guest Cosplayes from Thailand as well They weren't competing but they performed on stage too

Completed stamps!
The Cosplay competition was over  we went to redeem our free gifts with the cardsimage Sadly I couldn't get a gift because they said  pets allowed Just kidding They said that there was no more stock What Never mindimage

When that was over image we left the convention centre  on our way out imageI got to take a photo with a couple of Cosplayers

I saw this guy at VGB's Cosplay Gathering!
I met up with Sahil  we took some photos He took a few shots of me during last year's Comic Fiesta too


After taking a few photos with Sahil image We went downstairs  just walked around taking selfies  Then we came across a campaign for shark fins We even took some photos with the fishies The short shark was the cutest one among all the sharks  It's tail was even touching the ground image

A little bit further up ahead image We saw a very famous rectangle  took photos with it as well I was a lion so I guess I can say that I went well with the rectangle  Can you guess with this rectangle is yet  Anyways  Here are a few photos taken  the campaign we did after leaving the carnival image was pretty much just walking around  We took a break  had some snacks  AEON

 Then we went home image But before that image Look who I ran into while we were on our way to the car park  And check out what else we bumped into 

 I sent everyone home today image So there's nothing left to tell  let's stop here

OTHER STYLES~ Chapter 81 ( Lion )
  EOS 325 Brown Lens
 Matte Brown + Gold and White Shimmering  Eyeshadow 
 Covered up Brows
 Face Contour and Highlight with Lion references




That's all for Animax Carnival 2014

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