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Monday, 15 July 2013

How To: Choose Contact Lenses

As we know, there are different types of designs, colours and sizes of cosmetic lenses. Most first time buyers might neglect the importance design and size. Most likely, they'll just go for they're favourite colour. Each type of lens are specially designed to achieve a certain look. That's why today, i'm writing this post so lens choosing will be less of a headache~

       Size by mm
     Colour and Tones
             Tones - 1 Tone to 4 Tones


The larger the lens size, the more enlargement you'll get. However, having lenses which are too large in size will get the opposite effect as the size of your sclera (White part of your eye) will be less and you're gonna look lifeless in a way.

The size of the lens are the diameter of the lens. Usually, it's measured in milli meters (mm). Most lenses range from 14.0mm to 22.0mm or larger.

There are a few parts of the lens design's diameter that should be taken to consideration:

     The pupil opening
          The larger it is, the bigger the enlargement.
     The iris diameter
          The larger it is, the bigger the enlargement
     The thickness of the black outer ring
          The thicker it is, the bigger the enlargement.

Lens Model: Geo Angel Blue


Each lens design comes in different colours to choose from. It may have two or more tones but it will always have a main colour. Different colours will give you different effects too. Lenses which are darker in tone will give you better enlargement; lenses which are lighter in tone will be brighter and more noticeable.

The common colours of lens are:

     Black       An Innocent look
     Blue         Western Doll / French Doll look
     Brown     Bright Natural look
     Green      Western look
     Grey        Mysterious and Sexy look
     Pink         Girly, Fun look (looks like violet on dark eyes)
     Red         Bold Mysterios look
     Violet      Gothic / Pop look
     Yellow     Glowing Bold look

2 Tones - With Black Outer Ring
Top row : Blue~ Brown~ Green~ Grey
Bottom row : Pink~ Red~ Violet~ Yellow

The design of the lens plays the most important role of the lens. By design, i'm talking about tones, transparency colour combos, size of each colour sections and lines.

Lenses come in 1 tone, 2 tones, 3 tones, 4 tones and 5 tones. So far, I haven't heard of 6 tones lens before.


1 tone lens are usually black or brown. They are known as circle lenses because they focus on enlargement

Black Circle Lens
Brown Circle Lens
Annex Black and Annex Brown
In the series Anex Ring Series
by Angel Color
Endorsed by Yamamoto Yuki

However, there are also 1 tone lenses in other colours. Recommended for Cosplaying.

Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Pink and Violet
In the series Bubble
By The Dolly Eye


Most 2 tones lens have a black outer ring and a single colour towards the center or a darker tone of colour as the outer ring and a lighter tone of colour at the inner part. These lenses are more fun to wear compared to 1 tone lens as the colour gives your look a bit more personality. Two tones lens with black ring gives more enlargement. Two tones lens which are different tones of the same colour give a watery eye effect.

With Black Outer Ring
Edge Blue, Edge Brown, Edge Green, Edge Gray and Edge Violet
In the series Edge Series
by AngelColor
Endorsed by Aya and Ami
With Darker Tone Outer Ring
Honey Wing (Brown) and Ash Wing (Grey)
In the series Wing Series
by AngelColour
Endorsed by Tsubasa Masuwaka


3 tones lens means 3 different colours of tones in one lens. These lenses give a more western, caucasian eye effect. If you wish for a western and dolly look at the same time, try lenses which have 1 black ring and 2 colours in the center.

With Black outer Ring
Bambi Chocolate, Bambi Green Apple and Bambi Sesame Grey
In the series Bambi Series
by AngelColor
Endorsed by Tsubasa Masuwaka
Without Black Outer Ring
Nudy Quarter and Virgin Quarter
In the series Quarter Vision
by AngelColor
Endorsed by Hoshi Aya

Without Black Outer Ring ( Brown )
Pale Brown and Spotlight Grey
In the series Modic
By Angel Color
Endorsed by Yuki Yamamoto


4 tones lens give the same effect as 3 tones lens. 4 tones lenses give more detail and dimension to the eyes. It's said to give a 4D effect.

Blue, Brown, Grey and Violet
In the series Belle 4 Tone
By Komi Look


5 tones lens, to me, is just a fancy number for tones. From the pictures below, the look almost like 2 tones lens.

Top Row: Black, Blue and Green
Bottom row: Grey, Red and Violet
In the series Mibuki Aya
By Mibuki Aya

Some lenses are have semi-transparent parts (Usually seen at or near the outer sides). These lenses are made to blend with the natural colour of your eyes. If you have lenses in sizes which are larger than you're pupil, the semi-transparent effect will show on the sclera. This is an effect that you will either love or hate. At the right angle in photos, it should look beautiful but in real life, it's just nasty looking.

Blue, Brown, Green, Grey and Pink
In the series Super Nudy
By Super Barbie Lens
Examples of Nudy Lens on Gyaru Models

While most lenses have a straight-lined circle at the side ( out side and inside ), some have different patterns on them. The key to this is, the fuzzier the side, the more natural looking. Some are just to make it look special.

Soft, frizzy sides
Blue, Brown, Grey, Green and Violet
In the series X9 /  Diva Queenie

Harsh, stripy sides
Blue, Brown, Green, Violet and Grey
In the series Hurricane
By Barbie Lens
Geometrical semi circles sides
Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey and Pink
In the series Lace
By Barbie Lens


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