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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Haul: Wigs in July 2014 + Review

It's been 7 months since I last bought a wig. So I've decided to get myself a need wig. That was a original plan. However, I ended up buying 4 wigs and some new hair extensions!

Long Blonde Curly Wig
image Great wig for Gyaru looksimage
image Workable for Cosplay (certain characters) and costume parties image

image Long 
image Curly
image Adjustable bangs

image It's more yellowish compared to most blonde wigs which are more to an ashy blonde.
image A bit to yellowish because it looks fake.

Size & Volume
image It covers the back and the whole wig cap perfectly. Note that I have a small head.
image The volume is great, all the way to the end of the wig and you can't see the netting inside.

image All wigs get tangled up. For this wig, it does to. However, I can be untangled easily with the
        right technique.
image The top part (scalp area) is neatly covered with hair and it doesn't expose the inside
        netting of the wig.
image The hair doesn't come out a lot when I brush it. It doesn't come out at all unless it's
image The bangs area is smooth and can be easily styles as swept side bangs.
image The curls are perfect and they look like the photos

Price - RM80
image This wig is definitely worth it. Aside from the colour being to yellowish, it's awesome.

Shop Service - 東京時尙屋
image This is my first time buying wigs online. The service is really good and the shop keeper
        was friendly. I ordered 2 wigs from this shop and also some hair extensions. When the
        parcel first arrived, the extensions weren't in there, but they gave a long dark brown pony
        tail extension instead.  

Product photos and My photos
Side bangs

Side bangs

Wig in Purikura

Pastel Lolita Wig
image Comes with 2 ponytail jaw clips image
image Fabulous on Fairy-kei looks image
image Creates a Moe aura image

image Long curly main wig
image Super curly ponytails
image Straight bangs

image Pastel pink, blue and white was expected as from the product photos. The colour in real
        life are  pink, blue and light blonde like the Paddle Pop rainbow ice cream.
image The colours are different but no doubt that the colours made this wig 100% certified MOE!
image The colour of the ponytails are the same as the main wig.

Size & Volume
image It fits my head and it's heavier than other wigs because of the ponytail clips.
image The ponytails are heavier than I expected. (First time having ponytail clips)
image Overall, the volume is fabulous with the ponytails. 

image The curls are fine but very well defined. I like it that way.
image The hair doesn't tangle easily. I don't have to brush it often and it looks good.
image The bangs part is smooth and are easy to manage as they don't go out of place even if I
        shake my head.
image The curls on the ponytails turn out to be curlier than the photos. Thumbs up to that!
image This wig is very bouncy and it moves around itself whenever I move. It looks more natural
        because of this bounce.

Price - RM95
image The first wig costs RM80. Add in another RM15 and you'll get 2 gorgeous ponytails. This
       wig is sold at a very low price for a very good quality. I'm glad that I bought this one.

Shop Service - 東京時尙屋
image Same shop, same comment.

Product photos and My photos

With the ponytails

Without the ponytails

More photos

Wig in Purikura

Gradient 5 clips Extension
image For that Harajuku or Tumblr look image
image Beautiful colours to add on anyone's hair image


image Long Curly
image 5 clips

image 2 Colour gradient from top to bottom
image Bright pastel purple to pink
image I ordered a different colour but these are pretty too.

Size & Volume
imageThe hair became more voluminous after being combed out.
image I bought 2 of the extensions because I felt that 1 isn't enough.

image The clips work well and can hold on to my hair without fail.
image The curls looked better that I combed them out.
image The hair doesn't tangle easily and I had no problems brushing it.
image Just like the Lolita wig, the extensions are bouncy too.

Price - RM32 per piece
image As compared to the RM35 wig (from another shop) The whole wig is more worth it. 

Shop Service - 東京時尙屋
image The extensions arrived a few weeks later than the first 2 wigs. They sent over the wrong
        colour but it's pretty anyways.

The extension which came in the parcel & The extension I intended to buy

Extensions in the first wig

Extensions lying down and held up
Extensions in dark brown wig

The extension I intended to buy


Long Brown Wavy Wing
image Perfect for an Ulzzang look image
image Natural look for Asians image

image Long wavy wig
image Straight bangs (Needed to be cut to make it straighter)

image It's not the natural hair colour that I was born with, it's more of my hair after the first time
        I tried to dye it light brown (but still turned out dark brown).

Size & Volume
image This is yet again another wig that fits my head.
image Although this is a cheap wig, it has more than enough hair to cover the netting inside.

image The waves tangle up a little but can be brushed of easily.
image The hair doesn't shine away like awful plastic hair.
image The bangs had to be snipped a little because it wasn't neatly straight.

Price - RM35
image This is a very cheap wig but it doesn't look fake in real life. 

image I personally know the shop keeper and she's very sweet and provides good service. 

Product photos and My photos

Wig under fluorescent lights

Braided hairstyle
Wig in Purikura

2-toned Bob Wing
image The wig that makes you stand out image
image Lovely contrast between the blonde and brown image

image Short and slightly curved towards the face (Bob)
image About a quarter of the wig is blonde
image Short fringe

image Most of it is dark brown except for a part of the front, which is blonde.
image The colour of the product in the photos is not the same as what I got.

Size & Volume
image It fits my head because I have a small head.
image The netting inside doesn't show at all.
image I wish the top part looked rounder and had more volume because this wig makes my head
        look ovular.

image It does not tangle at all, making it very easy to take care of.
image The hair doesn't shine away like awful plastic hair.
image The bangs had to be snipped a little because it wasn't neatly straight.

Price - RM50
image I love the style of this wig and I feel it's worth it because it's easy to manage.

image Same shop, same comment.

Product photos on model

Product photos

My photos

Wig in Purikura

Ze's Lens Shop