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Friday, 15 August 2014

Review: Lens - Super Barbie Crystal Pink

Brand: Super Barbie Eye
Design: Crystal
Colour: Pink
Colour tones: 2
Diameter: 16.0mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 55%
Life Span: 1 Year
Packaging: Glass bottles

Back view of the lens

Front view of the lens

Without Lens in Natural Sunlight                                         Without Lens with Camera Flash
With Lens in Natural Sunlight                                                 With Lens with Camera Flash

Another lens perfect for dolly eyes. It has tiny triangles on it which makes them look like hears shapes! 9/10 for the heart-ish design.

Like most pink lenses, it's not very bright and appears more grey-ish purple than pink, especially when it's taken without flash. There's a bit of grey at the inner rim of the lens which give the lens a gradient effect. It looks as if it's fading into my natural iris colour.

These are very comfortable and I have no problems with them. 9/10

The black rims

Cute! I'd recommend these if you're looking for lenses with falsies!

More Info:
Bought at / from: Got them from Ze's Lens Shop
Price: -

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