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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Angel's 30 Day Gyaru Meme @ Day 01 - When did you start dressing Gyaru?


August   in    It was my first issue which I got from Popular Bookstore I was looking for something random to read and I fell in image with the mag's cover! image It stood out the most  among the other magazines there. Since it was just a imagetemporary entertainmentimage for me, I got an  issue They're cheaper instead of the more up to date ones. Instantly, I fell in love with it. image

However, it was in  that year when I st got Gyaru onto myself  I felt more like Lady GaGa image though, I  why  But, I  How the makeup looked on me. imageI only did  eye that time  cause it wasn't planned that I did makeup that night 

 week holiday came up a while after my first Gyaru attempt. There were  days, including    So I decided  to use that time to practice Gal makeup  I looked almost all the same cause I could only use the same lashes  but still, I liked it 

So that's the beginning   If you wanna know more about my s and s on being a Malaysian Gal, click HERE


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