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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Comic Fiesta 2014

This year image I'm going to  mainly as a makeup artist for my friend Yuli I did his makeup last year too And as usual  I didn't take much photos of the event nor with peopleimage I had Ru with me for both daysimage


Day 1

Ru  I drove to the  station  Kelana Jaya at  in the morning We caught a train to  image You don't say image When we got there image Yuli was already in line  half way to the entrance Ru  I weren't going to cut the queue image so we went all the way to the back  The queue wasn't as long as last year's but the sun got a lot hotter

Yuli was in the restroom when we finally got in  So Ru went to find him image while I took selfies outside

After I did Yuli's makeup  We said  and got caught in an ocean of colourful haired sardines on our way to the exit We stopped by Deco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms English's booth because Ru's friends were there. They make games We headed for lunch  Pizza Hut in KLCC After that and went to Aquaria, KLCC


Day 2

Ru  I drove to the LRT station like yesterday but only a bit later than yesterday  Yuli was already changing in the restroom when we got there  Ru went inside to find him  I coincidentally met Ashley We took welfies 

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Yuli came out later  I painted his face all over againOnce that was done image we squeezed our way to the end of the Fiesta image to get a look at the stalls this year We stopped by KDU's booth again  we took a photo there  A real printed out photo  An artifact  There was a character named cabbageimage But looked like a semi-fried potato

After we got out  we met up with Sahil  he took some shots of me  us I took a wefie with him too Sahil's the first person who took a picture of me at an  event  left a name card I've even had a shoot with him a few weeks agoimage


You can check out his  photos at his  page

 DAY 1     DAY 2 


What's different from last year?
 It's my second time going to Comic Fiesta

If you were on  image Most probably you've seen  reviews from people who went to the event I'm not gonna write a review but I'll talk about the differences from last year My side of the story

 No Alice
Alice had to go for National Service Camp so I sold her tickets 

 Less Company
Alice brought along her friends last year image So without Carmen, Venessa, Yen Nong, Andy and Eugene coming  my cousin can't make it image There was only Ru with me

 No dressing up for me
I went as how I'd normally dress this year  but I took the effort to make stuff last year

 Less pictures
As I'm not as fancy as last year image there were fewer people who came up to me who asked for pictures 

 No Shopping
I bought nothing this year NOTHINGimage

Got a necklace,  a hair clip / broach, ring, a free badge and their name card!

 Went home super early
We only stayed a few hours

 No pics with Yuli
We did last year

It was a hell lot more fun last yearimage



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