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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Angel at KizSports Road Show, Bangsar Village

During the month of   I had to work  Bangsar Village for  days straight  I was there to help  out with her Art Adventures programme  There are going to be new classes on  very soon at KizSports & Gym So we were there to do some art  craft while promoting the programme image

The Baby has to Work

It was empty when we got there!!! People?

For the sake of this event,   I went to Bangsar Village to help with the set up  We left the house at bed time I mean image My bed time is at about  or  Anytime after that, I'd turn into a   When we got there, there was no one around image

Other than me  , the guys from Kizsports were shifting some stuff to the concourse area image There were also people setting up the     people making a balloon arch 

Here are some snaps of the night 



This was how we left the place

I was very bored  sleepy when we were image helping image We left out art trolley under a table then headed home image It was midnight when we finished there   insisted that I nap in the car but we reached home in about  minutes  No cars  no jam 

I Can See the Light

Light The place looks so much better in the morning  The tables were rearranged though   So anyways, this was how our place was set up 

The Jack-O-Lanterns  Cuckoo birds were done by the kids of Barnabe Bear Garten

For today, there's only  session Each session was supposed to be  hours We ended up doing only  Jack-O-Lanterns  It's pretty much what we expected for a 

image EVERYDAY~ Chapter 63 ( Kitty in Red ) image

 Luna King Black Lens
 Bronze Eyeshadow
 Dark Brown Eyeshadow under the eye
 Round Eye Liner
 Thin Cat Eye Wing
 Mascara only
 Gold Glitters on the inner corners
 Pink Cheeks
 Pink X Plum Lips


What Am I Doing Here?

The second day's response was just like the first days'  Boring but relaxing  There's nothing much to share but anyways      I went to Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf  for lunch  Since we're not hungry, we shared this  

 Super Barbie Shining Blue Lens
 Brown X Bronze Eyeshadow
 "Lemon" Shaped Eyeliner
 Slight Cat Wing
 Mascara Only
 Pink Cheeks
 Pink X Red Gradient Lips

The War Starts Here!

It's finally the weekends  That also means that there are going to be more people  less boredomimage On Saturdays, Alice has got tuition in the morning  So   I had to wait for her class tuition then we left for Bangsar Village together  We had over an hour there so we went to a stationary shop nearby  I had the time to edit some photos  No special happened that morning  So let'd skip to Bangsarimage 


There are  sessions today  was only with us for the first session then  and  had to fight the war ourselves laterimage The first session was   Now let's skip to lunch Here are some GIFs of us during our lunch  ChatterboxHK 


I found sugar  Alice thinks that water is funny 

After eating, we walked around the mall  I saw this huge kitty at Toys "R" Us  there was a Karate demonstration going on at the same time too  There was one part where the image Sifu image had wooden planks on the stomach  his assistant to chop the planks apart  He made it in case if you're wondering 

There was a clown there too


 Geo Angel Blue Lens
 Blue X Purple Eyeshadow
 Round Eye Liner
 Slight Cat Wing
 Gold Glitters at the Inner Corners
 Mascara only
 Pink Cheeks
 Pink X Plum Lips


Last Day

The fourth  final day of the road showimage Everything went just as yesterday Except a few things 
 Lunch  McDonalds
 Gymnastics performance
 Got myself a souvenir  


The  souvenir  I got was a pack of meringue from Miki Ojisan No Mise I had some a few years ago  fell in  with themimage I had to get my hands on one before the next visit here  So that's it for my days of working  KizSports' road show image


 Hybrid Violet Lens
 Purple Eyeshadow
 Turquoise Eyeliner
 Black Eyeliner the the outer corners
 Mascara + Half Lower Lashes ( Top )
 Mascara + Natural Lower Lashes ( Bottom )
 Drawn on lower lashes at the bottom
 Pink Cheeks
 Pink Lips


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