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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Angel during Halloween 2012

My favourite celebration of the year  image
HALLOWEEN!!! Why? image
Overdress level 100 and it's alright! image


What did I do today? Nothing! image At first, Alice made plans to go out for Karaoke and Purikura with me today~  but then it got screwed because of SPM coming up in November soon, image as in five days from now soon ~!!! image I can't do just about ANYTHING! image But there was an exception, WORK! image Yup, I'm having an important exam in less than two weeks image and i was in costumes Trick-Or-Treating with kids~ Wheeee~ image

I was helping out at KizSports at Empire Shopping Gallery on the 20th of October and Great Eastern Mall on the 27th of October. image Yes, it's a place for kids~  Like I said, work~ 

Empire Shopping Gallery

Went there with my two sisters to meet with my mom there~ Alice and I went to work, Ashley went for playing~ image I was a bunny image, Alice was going to be a cat but couldn't find her ears so she wore something Kalafina inspired image and Ashley was... I had no idea what she was.. Mad Hatter? She was wearing a clip-on hat on her head~  If Alice was wearing blue, we could've been a small set of Alice in Wonderland characters! image

We got there, they began the check-ins~ image helped them with it~ image Rush Rush Rush... Some kids weren't here yet~ image *Waited~* imageAnd time to start the party! image

First thing they did was plaster painting! image There were pumpkins and castle towers designed plasters~ image They were from a neighboring shop there, Plaster Fun Houseimage I went there painting with my sisters once~ imageI did a Geisha! They got loads of other plaster designs there too~ Even clocks! imageAfter the painting, the kids were gathered to the Party room for games! Everything was moving so fast in there! imageThen we left for Trick-Or-Treating to the shops there~ CANDY!! image Afterwards, we came back to the centre and the kids had their dinner, Happy Meals! image I was hungry.. Alice was hungrier~ LOL but we had staff dinner there later on~ image When their dinner was over, the kids had more candy from popped balloons! Like a piñata image

Bye-bye time for the kids, dinner time for us!image We had dinner then took some photos~ 

Christy, Kimmy, Puteri and Amira! Miss them so much~

Bunny camwhore shots~

My bunny makeup~

It was so busy that night that I barely had time to camwhore image LOL~ Even the Bunny makeup photos were taken after I got home.. image But it was awesome getting a chance to see the girls again~ image Karaoke the next time we meet again? imageSo it was decided, that I will take more photos on the next PARTY!! image

Great Eastern Mall

When we were about to leave the house, it started to rain, heavily...  Really really badly! Obviously, we used umbrellas~ For some reasons unknown, umbrellas don't like me... imageI've always had problems closing them so I thought my hair was going to be ruined! image But it wasn't~ Got in the car with nothing much damaged and off we go~ image It was raining and raining and raining... image It was kinda scary so I started praying~ LOLimage

Costume? I went as a DOLL! image LOL~ My friend said I looked Lolita~ image I would've been Lolita if I had a BIG PUFFY DRESS!image Alice didn't wear a costume image and Ashley was going to be an Ice-cream *Bun on her hear* image but then changed plans to be a Ballerina then changed again to a failed ice-cream~ LOL! image Anyways, Le Doll transformation~ image

Makeup~ Ponytails~ Curls~
The makeup reminds me of Manba somehow~

Not that I don't like to look like a doll or anything but.. I wasn't thinking. image It's a Halloween party! It's supposed to be scary! image I had the thought of being a leopard when I got there~ Oh well~ image

When we got there, it already started with a Fashion Show..  However, there wasn't much for us to help around with~  So we were at the counter most the time. imageSo here are some camwhore snaps with my sisters and mom~ image I didn't take enough pics at the party at Empire Shopping Gallery, so I couldn't stop snapping!image

Alice & Ashley, my sisters & Anna, my mom~
All our names start with "A"!

We, the crew and kids, were divided into two groups~ Vampire and Werewolf~ I was on... Team Werewolf! image

The Doll look~

Just for fun, the leopard look! imageAt school, our sport houses were grouped by big cats, I was a leopard so I did this look for us~ GO LEOPARDS! image

I was trying to do a look inspired by Popteen model, Yukinoko~ but it got to this~ Not bad, i'd say!
Walked around the school like this on the day for competing at Senamrobik~
On the official day, we were asked to perform again~ Came in first! WOOHOO!

Back to the story~ There was a set up Halloween themed photo booth right by the counter and mom said that there was a snake there~ A real SNAKE in a mall!! image I was looking for it but couldn't find it, I gave up.. image After some camwhore moments with Alice, my sis, mom said the snake was in the room. image I asked if I could touch it~ I did and guess what? image Snakes are SQUISHY!! Hihi! And they're not slimy at all~ image

Taking a picture~
Things got weird~
Its head went behind my head *Freaks*~
And I held it on my hand instead~

And yeah.. Camwhored with it too~ LOL


Oh, he's name is Biolet BTW *Hope I spelled it right*~ The owner thought it was a girl for about a year then only found out that it was a "he" ~ LOL.. He was looking at his mommy when she was in the other room~ Awwwww... image So I returned him~imageI kinda miss him! image

After that, we went Trick-Or-Treating with the kids and came back to announce the winners for best costumes and had group photos~ image

Find me! *Legoman FTW~*

Great Eastern Mall's decor ~

The Halloween decorations at Great Eastern mall~ Pirate themed! *with Ashley*

Eyes hurting and turned red... I noticed it during the party but I couldn't do anything about it cause I left my lens case at home! image Darn... No lenses for a week!  imageOuch~ 

My left eye's red...

That was it for the night~ image The photo quality sucked cause I was using my mom's phone to take them.. image What I had in my mind that time was"It had a front faced camera so why not?" imageBAD IDEA! image In case your wondering what phone is it.... It's aiPhone4s. Luckily, I took some photos with my own phone!~ image

Before I finish off this post~ Here are some kawaii Halloween emoticons that I found! image


Once again,


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