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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Angel @ August 2014

   Today's 's birthday Alice  I went for Karaoke in the morning  Carmen  Venessa Afterwards image All  of us went to IOI Mall to get  some cake  we had some  with Bambi-na 3 while we were there too

imageSo here are some snaps for today with Carmen's camera  the Purikuraimage

    brought us to Deco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms English to do some  I still had  buck left from the shopping spree vouchers  The shop assistants at F block remembered me   Other than the major retail brands  You can also find really cheap bargains  Parkamayaimage It would only cost  for a really cute dress  it's high quality image I bought a few pieces on  and the guy who issued me the receipt wrote my name as imageimageimageimage image 

Now that I used up the whole imageimageimageimage  All I need to do is wait for the new camera to come  I can take better quality photos for the   

   Today's the last day of the  holiday so I decided to go to IOI Mall with my sisters Sadly image I couldn't start the car  We spent an hour to get the cable thingy from my aunt  fixing the car image Then we went to IOI Mall afterwards  's car  I got the stuff I wanted for a giveaway  had Purikura image

Messed around with some filters image

   Going for a triple date tonight with Pekky  Joy Ei But before that, I finished a drawing for Joy Ei in class today 

After class image I went home to transform while they went straight away to Sunway Pyramid Ru fetched me after I was ready In the meantime  They were having their  We reached in time for the movie image Into the Storm image

After the movie image We walked around  I dragged them into Galactic Laser Tag Not for laser tagging image for  Sadly image Only Ru  I took Purikura 

   It's Mitsuki's birthday She's one of the models for SEED 萌芽 magazine too  I met her back in image 

I thought Ru  I were late  that the yacht left us behind image but it turned out that we weren't late at all  A little while later image Yume came  She was the one who put me in a wedding dress  played with my hair  We sat together  took pictures together 

The party was in a wonderful yacht with  different settings  A purple pastel wedding-ish dinner area  a sound pumping party area upstairs You'll be able to tell when you see the snaps 

And without further ado image I present to you  

I drew a doll of Mitsuki in class while I had the time

Before I end the day image Here's some Purikura from when we met 

   AniManGaki starts today I only went for  day but you can still read about it image HERE image I'll drop a photo from Sahil  a before  after shot of  

   I finally took the time to snap the photos for the DAISO Natural Beauty Eyelash review I planned to give away a couple sets of the series as well A bit later than evening  I changed my hair  went out on a date with Ru  We went to IOI Mall for a movie so  There was Purikura taken image

   Going out on another movie date with Ru tonight image I went out with  PArkamaya on Everything was in a rush that night so for the first time ever image  Purikura

   Simran's farewell party Read about it image HERE image

   Went  with my family  IOI Mall again today I bought some new shoes from Brands Outlet image Now I can throw away my old shoes for good  They were dying 

   I don't have class today so I was planning to have a study group  my girls But the plan was called of last minute on image which left me staring blankly  the ceiling image I told Ru about it  he suggested that we'd go to his college  so we did  

After the quick visit to his college image he brought me to Sunway Pyramid  He told me that he'd get me the  falsies  that I've been eyeing on since image Diamond Lash image got into Watsons I took a pack of Angel Eye  carried on with my usual Watsons routine  Stare at makeup products  A few seconds later image He got me to get another pack of lashes from EYEMAZINGimage That was more than enough but I was still looking around One thing led to another  I ended up going home with  new packs of eye hair image


Say image to my new baby girl Her name is Velvet

  Today is Ru I's month anniversary We went to Mid Valley Megamall for Purikura  

 August is almost coming to an end  I spent the whole day with Ru today We went and watched at night We had some Purikura too




  for visiting my blog again soonimage
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