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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Angel at How many shoes you can grab in 2 minutes by Zerra Culture By Angelin Lee

Zerra Culture by Angelin Lee launched in Jan 2002 based on a foundation of love for the most fashionable women’s shoes and the ease of shopping online. By combining our owners Angelin Lee individual talents in each of these areas, was born.

Breaking into the online shoe industry was no easy task; however, once our manufacturers saw our website and understood our forward thinking attitude, they realized that was really onto something. With our unique navigation system that allows users to quickly narrow down all the shoes to the exact pair they need and our free shipping, free returns, and price protection that make shopping online risk-free, we have always been about making shopping online easy and fun. 

imageWe realize there are many online choices for shoe shopping but we strive to provide a uniquely special experience. While many other web sites have focused on selling hundreds of thousands of different types of shoes and even other products, we pride ourselves on having the best selection of women’s shoes anywhere on the web with personalized and knowledgeable customer service that cannot be found elsewhere.

Last month image Zerra Culture held a  contest image They were giving out a lot of imageimageimageimage   imageimageimageimageimage to the image lucky winners image

image Grand Price image
 FREE Exclusive Zerra Culture's Design For 1 Year 
image 2nd Prize image
 Grab All The Shoes You Can In 3 Minutes 
image 3rd Prize image
 Grab All The Shoes You Can In 2 Minutes 

image I was announced as the 3rd prize winner with 2 minutes image

On the day of the event image Their shoes were selling only at  per pair at Parkamaya  That's the same price as purchase from their website image image

Other than that  They were giving out  cash vouchers to the first  customers I got my hands on a couple of vouchers too

The vouchers are very pretty

Event Day

Way early in the morning image Ru came over to my house  we left to Main Place with She's going to bring us along with my  sisters  grandma to Parkamaya But first  She has to work image so were going to be hanging out in Main Place till image In the meantime I had some Deco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms English with Ruimage

The first thing I saw when I reached Zerra Culture was image shoes  shoes  shoes  shoes ALL MESSED UP  It turns out that we had to find the same pair within the given time   Of course there were also other rules as well image But I'm not going into detail with that  Wodering how it looked likeimage Wonder no more Here's Zerra Culture  Parkamaya on the day of the event

I had a GoPro on my head image  while I was shoe huntingimage It took us some time getting the helmet on my head I have a small head  And even with a wig It still felt loose image

Anyways image It was really fun  nerve wrecking  the angel devil were beside me while I was looking for shoes  They're noisy image but they're cute  In the end image I ended up with  pink pairs  Olivia had 


We tried on the shoes  I got to talk with Angelin She's so cute  friendly image Though she was quite surprised to find out that I'm a kindergarten teacher image Who wouldn't beimage Even I'm surprised image

I guess my eyes are sensitive towards pink

We bought more shoes because it was super affordable

After the event imageWe went shopping around Parkamaya  My family wanted to spend the vouchers they gotten from image Parkamaya's Halloween Masquerade image that happened last month imageWe got more clothes image shoes image bags & accessories image

Stay tune on a haul for thatimageimage But in the meantime image We can check out this  haul for when I won RM1000 worth of shopping vouchers  from Parkamaya's Brand Ambassador Search 2014 

For more events and contests in the future
Follow Zerra Culture By Angelin Lee on 

Parkamaya constantly organizes a lot of fun contests  events
They've just recently had a selfie contest  they're having a biweekly #OOTD contest now
Stay tuned check up on their  page for the latest updatesimage


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