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Monday, 19 May 2014

How To: Take Good Quality Selfies


I'm not a professional photographer nor a model so I can't give you any "professional" tips. However, I love taking selfies and I've learned a few things in my experiences about taking photos. If you like the way my selfies look, please do continue.

P.S. All the following photos are me, myself and I.

High Megapixels 
The higher the megapixels, the clearer and larger the photo. It doesn't have to be an expensive camera. I take photos with my phone camera. It only has 5.0 Megapixels, but the clarity is good ( good enough for me ).






Main Camera Over Front Camera
In case you haven't notice it, If you have a front camera, it takes much lower quality photos than your main camera ( The one at the back of your phone ). I'd only use a front camera if I'm having problems with the main camera. You may not be able to get the "perfect angle" with the main camera but there's always photoshop! Right?

The flash in your camera is never enough. Everywhere you go, carry a torch light. It's good lighting for selfies! Have you ever taken a selfie with the flash on where your face is fairer than your neck and the rest of your body? Well, shining more light on those areas will help even out your skin tone as well.

The photo on the left is me holding a camera with one and my phone with its flash on in the other. You can also see a few other people holding on to their phone's flash for more lighting too!

The photo on the right is me holding my new love for light. It's actually my dad's torchlight. Cyclists come to him to buy this light. The quality: AWESOME. Here's a link to his blog if you're interested and if you're a cyclist and you wish to find some other products, I'll drop you a link for his BBS page.

Lastly, the photo at the bottom is me under bright lighting in a photo shoot.

How did the photos turn out? Look below and see it for yourself.

Other Examples of GOOD Lighting

Purikura lights

Natural sunlight

Examples of BAD lighting

Uneven lighting / Shadows

Back light

Too dark

Too bright

Personally, I don't like lighting like the ones mentioned above. But it depends on each individual preferences. It may look artistic to others so there's no really a right or wrong.

It's a life saver for the perfectionists. When I do my makeup, I make sure I get my eyes to look as even as I can. Sometimes, I cheat that with photoshop. 

In the close up photos of my eye, you can see that I've dragged the ends of my eyes more downwards and removed the tiny strands of hair that were in the way.

Another fun part of photoshop are filters. They can change the feeling that your selfie gives to the viewers. The same photo can look from sweet and soft to sharp and clear. Some filters have even more fun effects.

That's all the tips I want to share for now Thank you for visiting!

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