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Friday, 14 February 2014

Angel and Moe Tails during CNY 2014

It's a new year

It's the year of the horse this year  Here's what I did for  days of the festival image  my coords I'm going for more Deco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms English   themes instead of  my usual  look but I'm still sticking to Gal  After all image Gyaru is still my st love


We had  stops today The first was my grandma's brother's place image When were there image Alice  I would gave Gabriel  The dog  all our attention This happens every visit He's  years old this year which also means he's really old image He even had problems walking up steps They got a new dog too His name is Simba  and he's not very friendly image

We took some photos when we were there image Alice took my photos image

After a few shots image It was time to go The second house was my grandma's friend's  The first thing I noticed were  gorgeous pots of Chrysanthemum on their porch  also their scary dog was gone image He was already quiet the last time we saw him  now his gone image  We sat  chatted a bit then it was time to go


Camwhoring in the car with Alice's phone


House number image is also my grandma's friends' They have a dog  or dogs  too but they're too big to be messed around with  They're kinda like their guard dogs I guess  What Alice  I would normally do is camwhore  It's pretty obvious  Here are some photos that Alice took 

Avery helped us took the last one image So other than taking photos this year image We were walking in  out the living room image  was there chatting image  and the theater room image  was inside playing  image They had the seat with the steering wheel there  I had a round of it too  I started off pretty bad  believe it or not image I ended up first image

image image image image image  image image image image image image image image image image image

Watching in the theater
That's Avery's hand imageimageimage image

image image image image image  image image image image image image image image image image image

We sent grandma home before heading to the next spot as she was all worn out image Anyways  We're going to grandpa's houseimage The house of prawn crackers  

Every year image there'll be lunch for everybody This year's meal is vegetarian image  A set of Memeshibas cause they're beans  beans are vegetarian food   Normally, we would be here for a very long time cause  would be talking with everybody until they leave So  This means more camwhoring moments 

After our visit to grandpa's house image We went back home  I made some s before removing my makeup  






  It's me saying Hi
 image The neko goes RAWR
  That evil lookimage
  Tilt to the right  blink
  image What are you
 imageI may be  cute, but I bite 
 image L aught Out Loud 
 image Rolling over 
Later that night image We went back to grandpa's house for  My uncle made spaghetti  And that's all for today 



I wanted to go for a Harajuku look and the first thing that comes to my mind is colour! I had on brightly coloured lens, a bit of extra blush and hot pink lips on my face. I even had a tiny, pearly jewel by my eyes. Since the colours are strong in this look, I settled for voluminous falsies but with a natural effect. I combined two and a half pairs of lashes to achieve the upper lashes and used a full set of Dolly Wink No. 14 for the bottom lashes.

 Super Barbie Nudy Pink Lens 16.0mm
 Brown X Gold Eyeshadow
 Winged Down Eyeliner
 Extended Eyeliner at the inner corners
 Dolly X Natural X Voluminous Falsies ( Top Lashes )
 Mascara + Dolly X Natural Falsies ( Bottom Lashes )
 Pearl Pink Jewel by the Eyes
 Soft Pink X Rose Pink Blush
 Hot Pink Lips

I've got Kawaii on my mind for this look. And what's more kawaii than twin tails? I wanted volume for my hair so I tied up the upper half of hair. I secured the ponies by randomly tying my hair around them.

 Mixed Curls with 19mm Curler
 Half Twin Tails
 Added ponies to each side


Today's code is all about horses! After all, it's the year of the horse. I used a bucket as my bag today because it's the best option I had. 

 Horses and unicorns printed on the dress
 Unicorns on the leggings
 Ponies on my head


Dinner Time Look
Casual Bunny

A complete transformation! This is definitely nothing Harajuku nor Gyaru. In fact, it's pretty Korean makeup style. I let my hair down from earlier today and all I wore were a T-shirt and shorts. This normally disgusts me.

 Luna King Black Lens
 Gold X Brown Eyeshadow
 Slightly Cat-winged Eyeliner

 Soft Pink Blush
 Rose Pink Lipgloss


It's the nd day I slept a little longer than Day  today as I didn't have anything much needed to be done to my hair  We visited  houses today And without further ado image let's get day 's story started image
My uncles  aunts  's sisters  came over this morning to have  together We left the house a few moments they arrived  but we'll be seeing them again tonight image

They first house that we went to was 's uncle's house image He's a Tai Chi master Every year, on the  day of  image He would cook fried noodles  invite all his apprentices over for    food porn here  But I do have a selfie taken when I was there image
We visited another relative of 's nextimage It's my great grand aunt  my grand auntimage They have the most amazing garden How amazing is it exactly I'll show you image 

The  house that we visited was my Aunt's parents' place  They have  dogs image Bobby  Botak Botak means bald in Malay For the past  years, Alice  I have been trying to get Bobby's attention  tried to take photos with him image We failed But we got him where we wanted this year 

Say  to Bobby

I let my hair down while we were imageimageimage to our last stop of the day image 's uncle's house This is another uncle image not the one whom we first visited 

We sat  chatted just like we did  all the other houses and that was it till the evening when we had image I changed mt makeup for it too  But the photos here were photoshoped because I was bored  



As this look was inspired by rabbits, I chose to mimic the bunnies' innocent, round eyes. My crease was made higher than usual, I used black lenses because I find bunnies with black eyes cute. The lashes I chose today are more natural looking. I mixed 2 types of falsies so that my lashes don't look like it has a distinct design. The puffy eye bag trick was used too!

 Luna King Black Lens
 Pink Eyeshadow
 Golden glitter powder at the Inner Corners
 Round-eye Eyeliner
 Pink glitter liner above the Black Eyeliner
 Mascara + Natural-type Falsies + Dolly-type Falsies ( Upper Lashes )
 Full set natural Cross-type Falsies ( Bottom Lashes )
 Pink Blush
 Red Gradient Lips + Peach Coloured Lipgloss


I had my hair from Day 1 of Chinese New Year on. Second-day curls appear looser and softer so it's perfect for today's look! I've even curled my fringe to get an even fluffier effect.

 Second-day Curls
 Curled Fringe
 Brushed out Curls 


Bunny this and that! I called this look FLUFFY because I had a lot of pastels on me. Plus, the hoodie is furry.

 Bunny T-Shirt
 Bunny Hoodie with Ears and Tail
 Pastel Colours
 White Polka Dotted Leggings


Dinner Time Look
Casual Caucasian

I wanted to look a bit Caucasian since I had British flags all over the top.It's a smoky makeup look for tonight and my hair was kept simple. All I had on was an upside down tiara ( Right side up seemed too much ) Caucasian, blue eyes, sun kissed skin, which explains the orange-ish blush colour I chose for this look. I curled my lashes for this look because my lashes are really tiny and uncurled. Normally, I'd skip curling. Since the eyes were dark, I had my lips kept plain. 

image Geo Angel Blue Lens
image Dark Brown Eyeshadow
image Mascara
image Curled Lashes
image Orange X Pink Cheeks
image Pink Lips


Avery's  Alice's friends  Carmen, Yon Nong  Andy  are coming over today  I don't have my friends coming over  but I have a job today image I'm a  Alice wants to take Purikura today image So I'm taking them to IOI Mall image Here's the Purikura 

Photos from PuriPix

Andy was hungry  So we went to Bar B Q Plaza for a snack In Andy's case,   We took some photos while we were there too

We went back to my house when we were done eating  just hung out  Avery's friends were gone by the time we got back home  And Yen Nong stayed for the longest image

We visited my image  night too I changed my hair into twin tails because it was twin tails day in  The last time we visited her was  years ago  She has a new Pomeranian now Her old one was still there, but she had a huge tumor on her face  My God brother taught us how to play MONOPOLY Deal while the adults chat image  He's older than me  We went home after  rounds of the game  that's it for todayimage\


This look was created all inspired by my shirt. There's a mirrored Unicorn in the middle of space. Hence, inspired my makeup and the rest of this look. 


I used blue, purple and black eyeshadows to get the colours of space. I've added tiny gold glitter dust all over my eyes and larger flackes of white glitter just beneath my brow bones. The eyeliner trick today was more or less Koakuma Ageha style. Thick, dramatic lashes were used here. A pair with fake jewels were placed at the top. I've cut a small part of some upper lashes off and used the longer part as fake lower lashes. I've alse drawn on stars with a turquoise eyeliner above my crease line. I've added a line of that turquoise below my new lower lash line. 

 Blue X Purple X Black Eyeshadow
 Tiny Gold and Large White Glitters
 Sakurina style Eyeliner
 Dramatic falsies with Jewels ( Top Lashes )
 Mascara + Cut-out Top Lashes ( Bottom Lashes )
 Turquoise Eyeliner for Stars and Lower lash line
 Soft Pink Cheeks
 Orange X Pink Lips


I let my hair rest today and only wore a tiara upside down. I wanted something that sparkle like the stars but not stand out too much.

 Natural hair
 Upside down Tiara


I wore a black skirt to match the sleeves here. I chose the leggings because of it's Galaxy prints. The metallic colours of the necklace and studs on my bracelet were to give an out of space device effect.

 Unicorn in Space shirt
 Leggings with Galaxy prints.


I'm going out with Deco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms English today We planned on going out before it was even   He came in when he came to pick me up image I felt pretty nervous because it's the st time he's seeing my entire family   but he was more nervous compared to me image 

We left my house after a while I wanted to bring along Jacky  The tiger  but I changed my mind image And so image we were off to have Dim Sum for  then to Mid Valley Megamallimage


We went there super early in the morning  If we went any time later than that image It would be hard to find a parking spot  The first thing we did when we reached was buy tickets for a movie image Sadly, a lot of the seats were booked image We settled for Robocop  got seats that were quiet near the movie screen

We had loads of time to oursleves before the movie began image so we walked around  of course, took  When we got to Molly Fantasy, Mero Mero 2  The reason why we went to MidVally  was having a break down image We only got to take Purikura with Bijyo Cosme 3 It's not that Bijyo Cosme 3 isn't good  it's awesome  it's just that I've been wanting to try Mero Mero since  imageimageimageimageimage Guess I'll try it out another day 

Photos from PuriPix


I told you Bijyo Cosme 3 was awesome image Plus image This one's got PuriPix Afterwards image we went hunting for AEON Big  Because Akogare Baby 3 is there I've never seen Akogare Baby 3's PuriPix before image so I really really wanted to find this machine Eventually, we did But PuriPix was not available I don't care  After the times we spent looking for it, we're still gonna take Purikura 

image We still had some time left before we could enter the cinema  So just walked around, he got Popteen for me  he said  BuBee  out loud which made me laugh for  whole minutes I was still giggling while we had a couple of sundaes  McDonalds He's not super perverted image He was just accidentally saying that because he was reading a shop's name  And we took some photos together image

Soon after the selfies image we went in for the movie and when the movie was over image we went home image


I wanted to look fierce today but I wasn't feeling fierce since I was going out on a date. 


I chose Bambi Brown lens for this look because the black outer ring gives a cute feeling while the colour of the brown is reddish and looks striking. The brown eyeshadow was kept matte and slightly darker than usual. I thickened my eyeliner above my pupil and tightlined my eyes below the pupil to make my eyes rounder then gave it a cat wing at the ends. Natural looking lashes will have a sweeter effect ( in my opinion ) but as I wanted to look fierce, I chose slightly more dramatic lower lashes. I find orange blush and lip colour to be suitable for "cool" looks and pink for "sweet". I went with orange today!

image Geo Bambi 3 Tones Lens 15.0mm
image Brown X Gold Eyeshadow
image Round-eye Eyeliner
image Cat Wing
image Eyeliner Slant Downwards at the Inner Corners
image Tiny heart at the bottom of my left eye
image Tightline below the pupil
image Natural X Dolly Falsies ( Top Lashes )
image Mascara + Ageha-style cut-off upper lashes ( Bottom Lashes )
image Orange Blush
image Orange Lips


I focused curling my hair below my ears. I'm going to be wearing a berret which is going to flatten my bands and cover my eyes. So I swept my fringe to the left.

image Mixed Curls ( Curled inwards & outwards )
image 19mm Curler
image White berret


Sweet Tigress: I have a tiger on my shirt and I wore fur ( not real animals ) too. The fur was to "sweeten" the look. Since Ru was going to wear a blue shirt, I decided to add some blue too. I had a glittery star necklace, my turquoise bag and some green leggings ( perfect for a vintage look ).


Today's image  it's the last day of  holiday    were going to take us out for a movie but then image They have to bring grandma to the doctor image so I was in charge of driving my sisters out 

After breakfast image We went to e@Curve image  Because of the Purikura thereimage They have Bijyo Cosme 3  Akogare Baby 3 We bought tickets for  The Journey  then went to Molly Fantasy for 

We had a few rounds of Taiko then went hunting for  While doing that image I took some selfies 

We settled for   Vivo Then we went straight back to the cinema after we were done eating 

 After the movie image We bumped into a few familiar faces Jing Xuan  her family that is image We chatted for a while, then it was time for image


I chose this lens as it has a cool tone. Violet is a cool colour. But ti's brown outer ring and pastel purple colour gives it a soft, sweet look. Erything was kept as natural a possible in this look. I didn't extend the wings too long either. I drawn on leopard prints on my eyes and the falsies I used disguise them like tall grass.

 Hybrid Violet Lens 16.0mm
 Gold X Dark Brown Eyeshadow
 Cat-winged Eyeliner
 Natural Type Falsies ( Top Lashes )
 Mascara ( Bottom Lashes )
 Leopard Spots at the Ends of my eyes
 Soft Pink Blush
 Soft Pink Lips


My hair was left alone today. I didn't have time to do anything extra to it so all I did was re-curl some of the hair that were straight.

 Second-day Curls

Just like my eyes, I wore a leopard printed skirt under the floral prints. I even wore my bunny hoodie to disguise the leopard.

 Floral Prints
 Leopard Prints
 Bunny hoodie

imageimageimage                                 imageimageimage 

Back to work  So I didn't dress in anything special today  Back to my plain boring clothes   makeup faceimage I'm just literally so lazy that I wouldn't even pop my lens in  Nothing special happened so let's skip these  days


It's the Jade Emperor's birthday image 

The Jade Emperor's Birthday is said to be the ninth day of the first lunar month. On this day Taoist temples hold a Jade Emperor ritual at which priests and laymen prostrate themselves, burn incense and make food offerings.
Says the Wikipedia

Just like the past few years image We're going to celebrate  's friends' house  We left out house at  If we went early image we would have nothing at all to do there but wait till midnight A lot of preparations  prayers have to be done before midnight By the time when it turns midnight image Fire crackers fill the streets  fire works would lit up the skies

So we waited till midnight image Enjoyed the fireworks image ate a lot of roast pork  then, we went home

EVERYDAY~ Chapter 72 ( Caged Bird )

I'd love to go all out with my looks but I can't all the time. In some cases, this is considered over the line but still acceptable. Mom always says, "Don't dress like a bird!" So here I am, a caged bird. And this look itself was originally inspired by birds. LOL! The makeup was super simple. Just brown eyeshadow, no glitters, black round-eye liner with a tiny wing and mascara. I went with a pink blush and red gradient lips for this look.

 Luna King Black Lens 16.0mm
 Matte Brown Eyeshadow
 Round-eye Liner
 Mascara ( Top Lashes )
 Mascara ( Bottom Lashes )
 Soft Pink X Rose Pink Blush
 Red Gradient Lip + Gloss


Simple as it is. My hair is naturally straight so I had nothing done here except putting on a hairband with some tiny roses.

 Hair band


I wore a white dress with silk at the inner layer and lace above it. It kind of reminds me of birds' feathers. I threw on some vintage looking accessories to much too. A bird in a cage necklace and floral, lacy designed earrings. I brought a scarf with me because mummy told us to have on something red.

 Silk X Lace Dress
 Bird in a cage Necklace
 Floral X Lace Earings


I'm going out with Ru to his friend, Adrian's house today That's pretty much it imageAdrian's got a huge, fluffy  month old Alaskan Malamute I think he understands Cantonese  He's name is Hunter  he's really friendly image especially when he sees people I tried to pat him but I ended up getting smacked  having my lipstick smudged image Not to mention that dog hair got into my mouth too image Bad dog

Normally I'd take dozens of photos of the dog image but I didn't No particular reason  I just didn't feel like taking pictures 

imageAfter that  I went to Ru's house for a while image We booked some tickets for a movie  Setia Walk, watched The Conjuring halfway, then went to Setia Walk  Lego Movie 



Today's code: RED. I had mixed feelings again today so I wasn't sure of how to do my makeup. I wanted a red wing for sure because I couldn't find anything that I would consider as "red enough" to wear. I didn't have red lenses so I settled with black. I ended up with a round-eye. I drew on some of the lower lashes with an eyeliner. It still didn't feel red enough so I had red lips today.

image Luna King Black Len 17.0mm
image Matte Brown Eyeshadow
image Round-eye Liner
image Cat Wing
image Red eyeliner ( Lipstick ) above the black eyeliner
image Short line at the Inner corners facing out
image Dolly X Natural Falsies + Extra at the ends ( Upper Lashes )
image Mascara + Drawn-on lashes ( Bottom Lashes )
image Pink Blush
image Red Lips


My hair was kept straight ( natural ). I had a red hair band with tiny golden stubs on but I didn't take pictures of it.


I had a unicorn with roses and a black background on my shirt. I threw on a balck see-through cardigan with floral designs. I had a white Gothic choker. I wish it was black.


I'm going out again today I'm meeting up with   for today, Deco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms EnglishDeco-mail pictograms English is joining us  I woke up at  to get myself readyimage I got my makeup done faster than I thought  then I went  played with my hair before I decided on how I wanted it 

We're going to meet up at Mid Valley Megamall  We reached there earlier than planned so we had   McDonald's One of the workers at the counter was very rude image When I asked for a refill image He said  What   Are you kidding me How did you even get this job After I got a refill  went back to me seat, a middle-aged woman working there started talking to me  She asked if I was putting on a show  I said image Then she asked if it was , I said         She said I was pretty then things felt kinda awkward  After a while image Alice  I left and it was then that I got a message from Sara

 She's got a flat tire and she'll be late. image 

Alice  I went looking for Avery's birthday present while waiting for Sara image After we were done with our little present search image We went to Molly Fantasy where we met up with Sara image We then later went to Manmaru Homemade Udon for food image But more importantly, discussionimage

After the  on Purikura  We had a few rounds of Purikura  Molly Fantasy with                It's my first time trying out Mero Mero 2 I've always wanted to try it out on the th day of  but I couldn't because it broke down image So here are the Purikura for today 

After  rounds with Mero Mero 2 image We took a round of Purikura with Bijyo Cosme 3

When we were inside of Bijyo Cosme 3  We came across some LOVELY Vandalism It was names of couples in hearts image I was so upset about the imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage happening to Purikura everywhere in Malaysia that I did a rant on it

after  rounds of Purikura  We said  to Sara  went our separate waysimage You can check out the full Purikura date  HERE 



It's a "Sweet X Cool" look again! I have on my usual brown eyeshadow with golg glitters at the inner corners. The lens have a sweet pink colour while its design is more to the cool side and has a fierce look ( My opinion ). My eyeliner was thickened above my pupils and I have on super long cat wings at the end of my eyes. The falsies I chose have a distinct design and it has an Ageha feel to it! The cheeks and lips were kept sweet with PINK.

 Super Barbie Nudy Pink Lens 16.0mm
 Dark Brown Eyeshadow
 Gold Giltters at the Inner corners
 Round-eye Eyeliner
 Cat Wing
 Voluminous Dolly type Falsies ( Top Lashes )
 Mascara + Pointy lashes cut to half ( Bottom Lashes )
 Pink Cheeks
 Soft Pink Lips


This look was all randomly put together, including my hair. I tied my hair up into a pony tail then clipped it in a way that all my hair falls to the front. Then, I secured the tail to their positions with more clips.

 Pony tail
 Used star hair clips to keep hair in place 


I used Alice's coord for today but I added a few accessories of my my. The necklace, bracelet ( hair tie ), belt, leggings, shoes and bag were mine.

 Metallic accessories
 Sweet, pastel coord

imageimageimage                                 imageimageimage                                 imageimageimage 

It's back to school with me today Nothing much happened, just the usual stuff  So here's a selfies after photoshop  let's move along to day 


I cut my hair short today Nothing bad happened to me  Malaysian people logic  Every time a girl cuts her hair short image It's because she went through something bad  wants to move on with a new life thing  So why did I cut it Because I felt like it 

So image Ru brought me out to cut it after I told him that I wanted too  And Tada Now I look like this  Ru

 thought I was cutting my hair because  she thought that Ru likes girls with short hair   NOimage 


It's Chinese Valetine's Day today It is also known as Cap Goh Mei 

The Lantern Festival is a festival celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunisolar year in the lunar calendar marking the last day of the lunar New Year celebration. During the Lantern Festival, children go out at night to temples carrying paper lanterns and solve riddles on the lanterns.

And that's what the Wikipedia says

Just because it's Valentine's day image it doesn't mean that I don't have to work today I was at the kinddie the entire morning until  I was planning to leave earlier than that image but we had some problems that delayed my plans   I don't like to be late or the reason that plans are delayedimageI was driving  fast And I got home by  and started to get ready
I was ready   was stuck in every moment because image I didn't plan on what to wear yesterday I started off with makeup image as usual image got dressed and for the first time  I felt girly-er than looking dolly

 I forgot to mention that    has their friends coming over image Alice wanted to go with us to Mid Valley image I told her to ask Ru but she didn't so she's staying home 

imageBack to my prep image I was done by  because I didn't do anything special to my hair And a little while later image Ru came over and we left together

He told me that he's booked tickets for a movie at  so in my head the whole time I was thinking  image we're late  When I got in the car  he told me that the movie was actually starting at  Seriously life  

He got a bouquet of pink roses image They're fake  I was glad that they were  Some people say that fake flowers mean fake image image But I don't really care about that  Because I know he loves me  So screw that comment, I got flowers  a Valentineimage 

We spent less than an hour looking for parking image It's considered fast to me image It's insanely jammed up there all the time image Especially if it's a special day image  Parking ate up a lot of time image But it was fun 

After the parking madness image The st thing we did was retrieving the tickets  GSC Signature, The Gardens image It only took a short while image Then, we went looking around for a present for Avery at  I've already bought a present for her a week ago image We're looking for one because Ru wanted to get her something  

We still had time before the movie starts So after the present hunt image we just walked around  We got some cookies  magical water I'd better poop out gold  diamonds after this  image That's how magical it is 

After the movie  We took Purikura Here they are image 

After having our Purikura photos taken  We had dinner  Kenny Rogers  And well, he took another photo of me with food  

When  was over image We headed back to the nearest Purikura booth for selfies 

We went walking around for the fun of it  Ru wanted to get me something for image and he eventually did  It would be cool if it was a surprise but I got what I've always wanted for  years

When the shops were closing image It was about   we left for home Everyone was already in bed when I got home but they weren't asleep yet Thank God I didn't have my house keys with me 



I went with a clean, sweet, girly look today. My makeup was Gyaru but it was kept simple. I only used brown eyeshadows and gold glitter at the inner corners. The lens I bought was said to be 20.0mm but that would be about the size of a sclera lens so the seller should be pulling my leg. I used brown falsies today which really softens the look. I used mascara and liquid eyeliner to draw on lower lashes. The blush was soft pink and my lips were peach coloured.

 Lens Name Unknown, diameter was said to be 20.0mm
 Brown X Golden Eyeshadow
 Round-eye Liner
 Cat Wing
 Brown Voluminous Falsies ( Upper Lashes )
 Mascara + Drawn-on lashes ( Lower Lashes )
 Soft Pink Blush
 Orange X Pink Lips


I did nothing at all to my hair. Ru calls me a "Princess Cat" so I wore a tiny tiara upside down today.


Pink and black and Valentine's day. Since I'm the girlfriend, being sweet looking is the "look" for today. I felt very girly in this coord. 

And that concludes my  diary for this year

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