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Monday, 26 August 2013

Purikura: Purikura Machines' Whereabouts

Purikura Machines I've Been To 

I live in Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia, so I've only tried out a hand full of machines.

Purikura Centres

CUBE 003
  IOI Mall, 1 Utama, Times Square, Mid Valley Megamall

Neko to Hyou 3 ( Sweet Kitty and Cool Panther 3 )
  1 Utama, Sunway Pyramid (Removed), Mid Valley Megamall, Main Place

Akogare Baby
  e@Curve, Mid Valley Megamall

Bijou Cosme 3
  e@Curve, Mid Valley Megamall, Main Place, IOI Mall, AEON Bukit Tinggi

Modern Girl 
Mero Mero 2
  Mid Valley Megamall, Sunway Pyramid

Bambina 3

  IOI Mall, Mid Valley Megamall, Times Square

Me Her Jyoshi 3

  Mid Valley Megamall, Sunway Pyramid, AEON Bukit Tinggi

Other Places with Purikura Machines 

These are the locations that I'm sure of as it is updated on Kawaii Pix's blog

 AU2  Setiawangsa  
        #CUBE 003
 AEON BIG  Kota Damansara    
         #Bijyo Cosme 3 #Akogare Baby 3
 TGV Rawang  Klang Valley 
         #Mero Mero 2
 AEON Rawang  Kuala Lumpur 
         #Neko to Hyou 3 ( Sweet Kitty & Cool Panther 3 )
 TGV Metro Prima  Klang Valley 
         #Mero Mero 2
 Tropican City Mall  Klang Valley 
         #CUBE 003
 AEON Metro Prima  Kepong
         #Akogare Baby 3 #Bijyo Cosme 3 #MeroMero 2
 AEON Bukit Tinggi  Klang
         #Neko to Hyou 3 ( Sweet Kitty & Cool Panther 3 ) #Akogare Baby 3 #MeroMero 2
 AEON Wangsa Maju  Klang Valley 
         #CUBE 003 #Neko to Hyou 3 ( Sweet Kitty & Cool Panther 3 ) #Modern Girl
 AEON Wangsa Walk  Wangsa Maju     
         #CUBE 003 # Bambina 3
 AEON Taman Maluri  Klang Valley 
         #Neko to Hyou 3 ( Sweet Kitty & Cool Panther 3 )
 AEON Taman Equine  Seri Kembangan    
         #CUBE 003
 AEON Cheras Selatan  Klang Valley 
         #CUBE 003 #Akogare Baby 3
 AEON Cheras Sentral  Klang Valley
         #Akogare Baby 3
 AEON Setia City Mall  Shah Alam   
         #Neko to Hyou 3 #Bijou Cosme 3
 AEON Bangi Gateway  Klang Valley
        #CUBE 003 #Akogare Baby 3
 AEON Mahkota Cheras  Klang Valley 
         #Neko to Hyou 3 ( Sweet Kitty & Cool Panther 3 )
 TGV Bukit Tinggi Cinema  Klang    
         #CUBE 003
 AEON Bandar Baru Klang  Klang Valley
         #MeroMero 2
 AEON Mid Valley Megamall  Kuala Lumpur 
         #Bijyo Cosme 3  #Akogare Baby 3 #CUBE 003 #Neko to Hyou 3
  Amusement Square, Times Square  Kuala Lumpur
  The Mines  Klang Valley

Further Places with Purikura

 AEON Kulaijaya  Johor
         #MeroMero 2
 TGV Bukit Indah  Johor
         #Neko to Hyou 3 ( Sweet Kitty & Cool Panther 3 )
 TGV Tebrau City  Johor
         #MeroMero 2
 AEON Bukit Indah  Johor
         #Akogare Baby 3
 AEON Tebrau City  Johor
         #CUBE 003 #Neko to Hyou 3 ( Sweet Kitty & Cool Panther 3 ) #Akogare Baby 3 
 AEON Permas Jaya  Johor
         #CUBE 003
 AEON Batu Pahat Mall  Johor
         #Bijyo Cosme 3 #Akogare Baby 3
 Johor Bahru City Square  Johor
         #Me Her Jyoshi #Neko to Hyou 3 ( Sweet Kitty & Cool Panther )

 Gurney Paragon  Penang   
          #CUBE 003 #Bijou Cosme 3 #Akogare Baby 3
 Queens Bay Mall  Penang
         #Neko to Hyou 3 ( Sweet Kitty & Cool Panther ) #MeroMero 2
 AEON Bukit Martajam  Penang
         #Bambina 3
 Seberang Perai City Shopping Centre  Penang    
         #Akogare Baby 3 #CUBE 003

 D'Mall  Perak
         #Bijou Cosme 3
 Ipoh Station  Perak
         #Neko to Hyou 3 ( Sweet Kitty & Cool Panther 3 ) #Me Her Jyoshi 3
 Seri Manjung  Perak
         #Akogare Baby 3 #Neko to Hyou 3 ( Sweet Kitty & Cool Panther 3 ) #MeroMero 2
 AEON Ipoh Parade  Perak
         #Bambina 3 #Akogare Baby 3
 Billion Shopping Centre  Perak
         #Neko to Hyou 3 ( Sweet Kitty & Cool Panther 3 ) #Akogare Baby 3

 AEON Melaka  Melacca
         #CUBE 003
 AEON Bandaraya Melaka  Melacca
         #Neko to Hyou 3 ( Sweet Kitty & Cool Panther 3 )

 TGV Seremban  Negeri Sembilan
         #MeroMero 2
 AEON Seremban 2  Negeri Sembilan
         #Neko to Hyou 3 ( Sweet Kitty & Cool Panther 3 ) #Akogare Baby 3

  Alor Star  Kedah
  Jitra Mall  Kedah
  Pedu Lake  Kedah
  Pulau Payar  Kedah    
  Gunung Jeral  Kedah
  Sungai Petani  Kedah
  Pantai Merdeka  Kedah
  Baling Waterfalls  Kedah
  Pulau Lembu Diving  Kedah
  Kulim Tree Top Walk  Kedah
 Bt. Kayu Hitam Golf Corse  Kedah    
 Sultan Abdul Halim Airport  Kedah    
 Langkawi International Airport  Kedah    

 Summer Mall  Sarawak    
         #Akogare Baby 3
 City One Megamall  Sarawak    
         #Bijou Cosme 3 #Akogare Baby 3

 1 Borneo Hypermall  Sabah
         #Bijou Cosme 3 #MeroMero 2

 The Mall Bangkhae  Bangkok, Thailand    
         #Akogare Baby 3 #Neko to Hyou 3 ( Sweet Kitty & Cool Panther 3 )
 AEON Ekamai  Thailand    
 AEON Bangna  Bangkok, Thailand    

Confirmed Places but Unknown Machines

 AEON Johor Bahru City Square  Johor

 AEON Ipoh 18  Perak
 AEON Kinta City  Perak


I wasn't able to get my hands on all the Purikura machines' whereabouts and the booth that they have as not all of them were posted on their Kawaii Pix's blog.

There were 58 Purikura machines all around machine since 2 July 2013. More Purikura machines are being spread everywhere!

Stalk Kawaii Pix's blog for the latest update!

And here's a list of MollyFantasy locations. Where there is MollyFantasy, there should be Purikura!

Places with PuriPix 

PuriPix is the app used to download the Purikura.

AEON Seremban 2

AEON Cheras Selatan

Places without Purikura Machines 

Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Parade, Endah Parade


I rarely update this post now. Some places have removed / changed the type or even location of the Purikura.

Although some places may have the same machines, the photos may look different.

Purikura machines are often found at MollyFantasy(AEON) and arcades such as COBAY and AP Amusement.

Places that aren't mentioned above doesn't necessarily means they don't have Purikura, these are just places I'm sure of. Please do leave a comment if you happen to spot any machines at areas/malls nearby!

If you have any malls you think I should go hunting for Purikura machines, let me know.


Anonymous said...

hi dear , wanna ask where is the ioi purikura situated? ^^ thanks in advance ~ wanna go with my lovelies !

EverEvo Angel said...

It's on the first floor of AEON! Look for MollyFantasy ( the arcade ) that's located at a corner of AEON~ You'll see it on your left when you're at the token cashier! ^^

Anonymous said...

wishing sabah also have purikura machine ~.~

EverEvo Angel said...

Maybe someday =)

miki said...

hey :) hmmm i wonder where is the purikura situated at 1utama and the curve? and by any chance do you know if its still there?

EverEvo Angel said...

The Purikura at 1U (CUBE 003) are at the lowest floor of AEON, near the car park. The Purikura at e@Curve (Bijyo Cosme 3 & Akogare Baby3) are in the arcade, next to the cinema.

Hope this helps! =)

Anonymous said...

Hey :) I want to ask. Where purikara at Times Square situated? Hope you answer this question :) Thanks for answer ! >.< I want to go to Times Square with my bestfriends :) So I want to take booth Purikura with my bestfriends ^-^

Rozaimah Efendy said...

Hey... I want ask.. This photo booth at jusco bukit indah behind tgv paper i already take photo but photo dont have..i take photo on 15 july 2016 around 10.30 pm.. No any contact number.. if my pic have plz call this number 0127736410

Rozaimah Efendy said...

Have a chinese couple also take photo after me... He also not get her photo..

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