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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Purikura: Things you should know about PuriPix App

Simple Introduction of PuriPix

PuriPix is an app which allows you to download your Purikura directly to your smartphone.
App links for
Go to PuriPix' Site HERE for Q & As and support center's contact.

Screenshots and Scans of PuriPix

Screenshot of the app photos

Screenshots of the app on Google Play

Description of the app on Google Play and iTunes

"PuriPix" allows you to download a photo which is taken at a photo sticker booth (Japanese Photo Sticker Machine). 
Take photos and select your best shot at our Photo Sticker Machine, and you can save/view it in "PuriPix" with your smart phone!
*You can select a download photo while playing at Photo Sticker Machine.

Photos that are taken from machines in Japan, cannot be downloaded with this PuriPix application

◆ How to download the photo
1. Start the app.
2. Enter 16 digits Sticker ID which is printed on the photo sticker that you get from the Photo Sticker Machine
3. The photo displayed
4. Save it to your smart phone by tapping "save" button
◆ Viewing/downloading photos
You can view and download 1 photo per play in "PuriPix".
The photo can be viewed and downloaded within 7 days after the photo is taken.
We provide you the photos by using wireless communication system.
If the network connection has some problem, it may take some time to receive the data or it is possible that data cannot be received at all.

Scans of PuriPix' brochures 

How to Use PuriPix

 Have your Purikura photos taken and edited.
 Select ( press ) the big flashing box at the top which will allow you to choose your favourite
       Purikura and retrieve your Purikura's code.
 Select your 2 favourite shots of the day.
 Select ( press ) done and wait for your Purikura to be printed.
 Collect your Purikura and look for the 16 digit code(s).
 Wait for a day or two.  
 Go to PuriPix app.

Step 8, 9 and 10.
Step  Enter the 16 digit code .
Step  Select on the FREE photo or Buy to download all photos.
Step  Select Save.

PuriPix Review

The photos appear vivid and clear.

It saves up time for scanning, editing and taking photos ( with a camera ) of your Purikura over and over again because you want to find the focus point.

The size of it's photos are small. ( 640 X 640 )

You have to buy them if you want them all.

Available Photos

You may choose a single photo or all the photos collaged together, but it would be a much smaller size. You will get to choose your photos after you've edited your Purikura at the Purikura machine.

Single Photo and Collaged Photo

Things that you might not know

 You have to wait for at least 1 day after you've taken your Purikura before you enter the
        16 digit code to the app.
 You have to download the PuriPix photos within a week or the photos will be gone forever.
 Not all places have PuriPix. If there's no code, there's no PuriPix.

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